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zSpace Network Tool 

The zSpace Network Tool is a diagnostic tool that tests zSpace required URLs and ports to validate that they are open on a specific network. The tool must be downloaded and launched from Windows 10 on the network(s) that will support zSpace use. If no URLs or ports are blocked, the tool will report a status of success. If a URL or port is blocked, the tool will report failure details so content filters and/or other permissions can be updated.

This tool checks the following apps: 

*If a URL fails to an app you did not purchase, no further action is needed 

  • zSpace Core apps and utilities 
  • VIVED Learning 
  • GTAFE (Automotive, Canine, and Robotics) 
  • Mimbus Welding 
  • Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas 
  • ECG by Vizitech 

Steps to run the zSpace Network Tool:

  1. Go to https://zspace.com/downloads
  2. Download the zSpace Network Tool.
  3. Navigate to the download location (by default Windows 10 will put the file in your Download folder)
  4. Right-click the NetTool.zip and click Extract.
  5. Open the extracted folder and click on “zsnettool.exe” to open. 
  6. Click Run Network Test4d631a57-5c7b-424e-9ea2-f5b3f44e77e6.jpg
  7. You will be informed if all the URLs are successful or if there are URLs that need attention. 60e00ac2-f025-4f7f-b405-a72307e78e8e.jpg2952c8a1-3016-45a7-a3b8-82f8f246c614.jpg
  8. You can click on advanced Mode to view the details. This helps Network Administrators identify actions to unblock a URL.5d6cc4ef-82ff-47f3-b03e-bd3e95724670.jpg
  9. Click Show Logging to identify the error and why the URL is blocked.3bbdc419-8c49-4336-a965-b151227d1389.jpg
  10. Highlight the logs and copy the text. This allows you to send the results for further support. 

Known Issues:

The tool does not check the following apps in this version.

  • Fun2 Manufacturing

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