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Logs from zSpace Configuration Check are often critical in diagnosing an issue on a zSpace system. zSpace Configuration Check, available from the zSpace App Manager or by direct download from zSpace.com/downloads, is the first tool zSpace Support uses for retrieving information for supporting zSpace products. This application can be run by any user on the zSpace system allowing the user to easily retrieve information such as what version of every application is installed and if updates are available.

Even in cases where running application updates from App Manager is restricted, zSpace Configuration Check can still be run. A user will have an option to directly upload the log files to zSpace or save them locally to be attached to an email. zSpace Configuration Check was designed to run using the least possible Windows features to minimize the possibility of running into Windows access restrictions. Any end user should be able to run this application.

zSpace Configuration Check is designed to work with the zSpace 300, zSpace AIO and AIO Pro, and zSpace Laptop. While it will run on other PC models, you may see "warning" or "fail" messages for some items such as GPU type.


zSpace Configuration Check can downloaded from https://zSpace.com/downloads. It is also now included in zSpace App Manager and can be found in the Windows Start Menu under the zSpace folder.

How is this used?

Using Configuration Check allows a user to run a single application instead of checking multiple other sources to make sure their zSpace hardware and zSpace related applications are up to date. Commonly, zSpace Support or zSpace PD trainers may request Configuration Check to be run ahead of a scheduled training session.


Simply download and run the file as is. For portability, it can be run easily from USB thumb drive. When the application runs, the zSpace information will be collected and displayed. An active Internet connection is required. Upon running the application, the first screen will be shown is below.


Anything which is green is expected and considered a pass. Anything in yellow, such as an application not installed or license file missing, is yellow. Anything which is red is considered a failure. An application being out of date or incorrect driver versions would be the common reasons for a failure.

Upon selecting save, you will see the following screen:


Your saving options are:

  • Save to PC (default) - Selecting this option will open a window to select a location where to save your html Configuration Check log file.
  • Upload to zSpace - Selecting this option will give you the option to enter your email address before submitting and uploading your html Configuration Check log file to zSpace.
  • Include zSpace System Logs - Selecting this option will also include all zSpace system logs to be included when your Configuration Check log file is saved or uploaded.

What information is collected?

STEM Applications

Each zSpace STEM application is checked to see if it is installed and the version which is installed. When applicable, licenses are also checked.


Information about the zSpace is collected including zSpace model and serial number. Other PC information such as model number and bios version used by your PC. Finally, power management, basic GPU information, and webcam model are reported.

zSpace Utilities

zSpace Utilities include and non-STEM software titles. For applications which run as a Windows service, the status of the service is checked.

Partner Applications

zSpace Inc. closest partner applications are also checked similar how STEM Applications are also checked.

Required URLs

zSpace required URLs are checked to see if they are accessible from the zSpace.

Release Notes

Current release notes for Studio can be found here.

Complete archive release notes can be found here.

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