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zSpace System Software is required to run any zSpace applications.  There are now three distinct release tracks based on the version of zSpace hardware that you have.  Please make sure you are downloading the correct version for the hardware you have. 

Beginning with 5.1.0, tracking software downgrades to 5.0.4 or below are no longer possible by the end user.  If you need to downgrade, please contact zSpace support for assistance.



zSpace 300
 zSpace 200
 zSpace 100
zSpace System Software for zSpace model 300 using Windows 8.1 or 10 zSpace System Software 4.4.1 is designed to work with zSpace 200 and HP’s zVR virtual displays.  For Windows 7 and 8.1 System software for zSpace model 100.  For Windows 7.

Download and install using zSpace App Manager.

 zSpace System Installer 4.4.1  zSpace System Installer

To install 5.2.0 or above, your zSpace must first have had 5.1.0 or 5.1.1 previously installed. If the App Manager installation fails, please see the article on installing zSpace System Software.

Release Notes


Known Issues or limitations

  • If there is an secondary monitor connected to zSpace, it must be set to extended display or removed to install zSpace System Software. For assistance in changing resolutions, please see Managing multiple display configurations.
  • Users must unplug all USB devices from their zSpace 300 except the mouse and keyboard prior to installing 5.1.0 or newer zSpace System Software.
  • System Software cannot be installed over Remote Desktop Client.


  • System Software for zSpace 300 download has been moved to App Manager.
  • Tracking improvements.
  • When zSpace tracking software is installed on zSpace, Touch Panel will be disabled.
  • Touch Panel Reset utility has been removed.
  • Fixed issue where if tracking service takes more than 15 seconds to respond application could hang.
  • The delayed start-up of the zSpace tracking service has been removed. Tracking starts during system boot-up.


This release contained only one change which impacts how zSpace units are manufactured. Customers do not need to update from to Either version may be used.


Features and Improvements

  • Significantly improved system software responsiveness and reduced latencyResolved issues inhibiting the tracking service from starting at Windows startup, especially in cases where Windows selective service startup is engaged.
  • Lower CPU usage in normal operating conditions, and more robust performance under high system­wide CPU loading conditions.
  • Firmware watchdog process that monitors health of hardware controlling stylus and display, and restarts it whenever necessary. Resolves cases where the stylus and/or all tracking stops working, requiring a system reboot. The watchdog progress often completes quickly, within approximately 0.1 to 3.0 seconds. In rare cases, a full tracking reset is required, which completes in approximately 30 seconds. In all cases, camera reset is accompanied by camera LEDs turning off and then back on, at which time tracking is restored.
  • Camera watchdog process that monitors health of the camera hardware, and restarts it whenever necessary. Resolves cases where camera tracking stops working almost entirely, requiring a service restart or system reboot.
  • Resolved cases where applications can fail to connect with the tracking service, if the tracking service is in the process of starting up.
  • Considerably more robust install­time error trapping. During installation, if any issues are encountered that inhibit a verifiably correct installation of all software and firmware components, the installation is terminated. In such cases, the partial installation is normally removed (see known issues of exceptions), and the user prompted to shutdown the PC, wait 30 seconds, power on, and try again.
  • All necessary firmware updates to cameras, and other hardware is automatically performed during the install process. As a result, the firmware update feature in the zSpace Control Panel is now obsolete and has been removed.

Known Issues

  • Users must unplug all USB devices from their z300 except the mouse and keyboard prior to installing 5.1.0 system software. Once the software has installed successfully, these devices may be plugged back in again.

Version 4.4.1

  • Single installer for both Windows 7 and Windows 8.1
  • Added support for Chinese
  • Added support for zSpace SDK 4.0.0


System Software adds further support for Windows 8.1. It has the same features and improvements and known issues as release

Additional Features and Improvements

Features and Improvements

  • Updated drivers designed to work with many USB 3.0 host controllers
  • Improved stylus tracking algorithm to minimize cases where stylus ray-cast would wonder
  • Improved responsiveness of the auto-dimming LED feature, which dims the tracking camera LEDs when the stylus or other objects are in close proximity to the cameras and improves close-range tracking

Known Issues

  • Intel USB 3.0 Extensible host controllers have known issue with USB 2.0 devices causing intermittent lockup of USB system
  • Sleep mode (suspend/resume), hibernation and hybrid sleep features with zSpace systems and stereo applications are not supported. Please disable sleep modes in your Windows control panel power options and either power down when not in use or toggle the zSpace backlight off by tapping on the power button
  • Due to a Windows Operating System limitation, USB 1.1 devices, such as many keyboard and mice, will not operate if connected to the USB ports on the side of your zSpace 200. It is recommended to connect your USB 1.1 devices directly to you PC


  • This is the first software release to support 2nd generation zSpace 200 hardware on Windows 7 platform. Please note, this software is not designed or tested to work with zSpace 100 hardware


  • Uninstaller is no longer removing c:\ProgramData\zSpace folder which is now used to store configurations for other zSpace applications
  • Fixed an issue with incorrect stylus tracker settings in 3.0.0 release
  • Improved tracking robustness in adverse lighting conditions
  • Fixed an issue where path values over 1024 characters in length may get wiped during install or uninstall of prior tracking releases
  • Put global tracking checks in place to detect the presence of zSpace hardware on application startup

Version 3.0.0

  • Implemented full forward and backward compatibility starting with 3.0. Please see our compatibility standards article for further details

Known Issues

  • Identified issues with AMD FirePro video card drivers 13.x. During installation of zSpace System Software, the firmware update prompt may appear behind other windows. If using AMD Hydrovision (AMD desktop management driver) some windows which should appear “always on top” will not. Hydrovision can be uninstalled if not being used.



For prior released versions please contact zSpace Support.

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  • Avatar
    Giorgio Scorzelli

    there is no /setup web page!

  • Avatar
    Greg Ostenson

    Is there a 64bit version of this software?

  • Avatar
    James Reeves

    Hi Greg O - The zSpace System installer is a 32 bit application which of course will run on a 64 bit machine. We dont have a specific version for 64 bit machines. As an FYI, the zSpace SDK is provided in both 32 and 64 bit versions. 

  • Avatar
    Eriks Strals

    I'm stuck. I am trying to install the new version of the zSPace system installer. I made sure to uninstall the old version. It keeps saying I need to uninstall the old version (even though I have). I tried to then go through the system registry and delete any entry's related to zSpace, I scanned every folder in my system and it still say's it's not uninstalled. 

    I've tried everything I can imagine... Any other solutions out there?

  • Avatar
    James Reeves

    An update 2.9.3 has been posted. This release addresses anomalies with some lighting situations. It is recommended for all 2.9.0 users to upgrade to this release.

  • Avatar
    James Reeves

    2.10.0 system software has been released.

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    We have released a new version of the zSpace System Installer to resolve the issue where Stylus tracking may not resume after a PC sleep or reboot. This is version 2.10.1.

  • Avatar
    Eric Tripp

    zSpace System Software Release 2.11.0 is now available for download.

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    zSpace, Inc. has released our zSpace System Software 3.0. This is based on our new SDK 3.0 which is a huge improvement.

  • Avatar
    Scott Whitacre

    We have posted new system software, 3.0.1, with some significant fixes to tracking. It is highly recommended to upgrade to 3.0.1 if you were previously using 3.0

  • Avatar
    Eric Tripp

    We have posted zSpace System Software, which is the first release to support the 2nd generation zSpace 200 hardware. This version is only designed for the new hardware and will not work properly with first generation zSpace hardware, now referred to as zSpace 100. This software was designed and tested with Windows 7 64-bit operating systems in mind and has not been qualified on any other operating systems.