Installing and Updating zSpace Applications

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Important: zSpace App Manager must be updated first as outlined in the section Check App Manager for Updates.

This article will walk a user through the entire update process to verify your zSpace environment has all working updates. We will use the zSpace Configuration Check utility as a basis of determining what updates are needed and/or available.

Run the zSpace Configuration Check
Identify the model of zSpace
Identify model of PC
How to update zSpace System Software
Verify selected source
Update App Manager
Checking for application updates using App Manager
Check for newly available applications, and installing or uninstalling using App Manager
Check GPU for updates

Run the zSpace Configuration Check

By running the zSpace Configuration Check, a user can get a high level over view of what needs to be updated on the zSpace. It is suggested to first run the Configuration Check and save the results to your Windows desktop. Items which are correct and up to date or written in green text. Items which require updates or warn of possible updates available, are identified in red or yellow text respectively. Look through the generated report to determine what updates need to be done. zSpace Configuration Check may first need to be downloaded from

Identify the model of zSpace

zSpace currently has 3 models of zSpace. First, identify the model of zSpace you currently use. Use the below images or look at your Configuration Check report to find your version.

zSpace AIO and zSpace 300 also commonly known as zSpace for Education. These are an all-in-one-PC.
zSpace model 200
This is a display only model.
zSpace model 100
This is the first generation zSpace display only model.

Identify the model of PC

If you are using a zSpace provided PC, identify the model of PC you are using.

zSpace model 300 also commonly known as zSpace for Education. This is an all-in-one-PC. STEM Station Generation 2 STEM Station Generation 1

How to update zSpace System Software

The zSpace Configuration Check will report the version of zSpace System Software currently running on your system. If needed, download and update your zSpace System Software following the steps outlined here.

Verify selected source

Starting with App Manager version 3.0, there is an option to select an alternative sources for downloads. By default, the correct source should be selected. For more information, please see selecting alternative source.

Update App Manager

App Manager can be updated by performing the following steps:

    1. Launch App Manager
    2. Select from the top level menu, select Help -> Check for update...
Starting with version 3.1.3, this option no longer exists. App Manager updates are done through App Manager. See Check for application updates using App Manager to update App Manager.
    • AppManagerUpdate.png
  1. You will be prompted whether or not an update is available. If update is available, select Install Update and follow the on-screen directions.

Checking for application updates in App Manager

    1. Launch App Manager.
    2. If needed, select the appropriate repository for updates.
    3. If you have any updates, you will see Updates Available message at the top of the screen as shown in the below image.
      • Updates Available outlined in red.
    4. To update all applications, click on the Update All button to the right. If you are not using a zSpace 300, please see this article for performing updates with limited disk space.
      • Update All button outlined in red
        Note: In some cases, App manager can get into a state where the downloads will not complete. Please see here: App Manager known issues
    5. Individual applications can be updated by clicking the Update link to the right of each application name as shown in the below image.
    • Updating single applications

Depending on your Internet connection speed and number of updates, this process may take a few minutes to several hours to complete. All applications are approximately 25GB.

Check for newly available applications, and installing or uninstalling using App Manager

As part of the update process, checking for newly available applications should also be done.

  1. Launch App Manager.
  2. Available Software will be shown in the list after Available Updates. Scroll down the list till you find Available Software.
    • AM4.png
  3. To download an application select the Install button to the right of the application name.
  4. Applications can be uninstalled by selecting the down arrow next to the open button and selecting uninstall.

Check for GPU driver updates

Follow the steps outlined here to check the the version of your AMD driver. Update the driver as needed.

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