Setting up your zSpace AIO

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Welcome to zSpace! This article walks you through how to setup a single zSpace AIO system. We are still working on adding more content to this article. If there is something you would like to see added or something that is not clear, please contact zSpace Support.


Before you get started

Power Consumption

The zSpace AIO needs at most approximately 200V peak power per unit. For further more detailed information, please see zSpace AIO Power Requirements.

Obtaining your licenses

You will need all your licenses to activate each of your applications. All your licenses can be obtained using the zSpace License Portal.

Setting up the hardware

Opening the box, hardware setup

Included in the box with your zSpace is the pictorial quick start guide. This will assist in unboxing, verifying all components are included in the box, and connecting each component of the zSpace system.

Powering on your zSpace for the first time

When zSpace is powered on for the first time, Windows will need to be setup. Our Windows Configuration Guide will assist with setting Windows up for the first time.

Quick Test - Using zSpace for the first time

After the hardware has been setup and Windows has been configured, you are ready to use zSpace for the first time. The following test will confirm all components are configured correctly and functioning.

  1. Launch zSpace Aquarium by clicking the Windows Start Button, scrolling down and clicking on the zSpace folder, and selecting Aquarium.
    • While wearing the tracking glasses, move your head left and right to make sure the image on the screen is adjusting to your head position.
    • Pick up the stylus and verify the system is detecting the stylus on screen.
    • Click the large center stylus button (button 1). Verify as the button is clicked you see fish food dropped on screen and the fish will move towards the food.
    • Click the left and right stylus buttons, button 2 and button 3 respectively, to verify they function. Clicking these buttons is like tapping the glass on the side of the aquarium. You will see a white ring on the display, the stylus will quickly vibrate, and the fish will move away.
  2. Press escape (ESC) on the keyboard to close Aquarium.
  3. If you were able to perform all of the above items your zSpace is functioning correctly. For further detailed testing or for additional configuration steps, please see the zSpace Control Panel Walk-through.

Setting up your software

Configuration Check

zSpace Configuration Check is a simple tool which can be run without installation on a PC. It will check if your computer is up to date by scanning your application versions, hardware driver versions, and verifying important URLs are accessible.  These scans are specific to zSpace software and applications. Often zSpace Customer Support requests customers to run the Configuration Check to verify the status of their zSpace system.

Out of the box it is likely your zSpace needs some updates performed. By running the zSpace Configuration Check, you will see what needs to be updated.

  1. To run zSpace Configuration Check, click the Windows Start Menu, scroll down and click on the zSpace folder, click on zSpace Configuration Check.
  2. Review the log on screen. Anything that is listed as green is good to go. Anything that is listed in red likely needs to be addressed. Yellow items mean items which may or may not need attention.
  3. For further information, please see zSpace Configuration Check.

Update zSpace Applications

The Installing and Updating zSpace Applications article will walk you through all the steps to update all your zSpace authored applications.

License zSpace Applications

zSpace has a license portal which will display all licenses purchased. For further details on how to retrieve and enter your license keys, please see How to obtain and enter license keys in your STEM applications.

Install, Update and License 3rd Party applications

Many 3rd Party applications are not installed through App Manager. As needed, install any of these applications for which you have purchased licenses. You can find the software downloads or instructions for how to obtain the software at  Each 3rd party software will also have instructions on how to activate the licenses. Please note that you may have to log into the portal to download some items.

Windows and Hardware Driver Updates

Occasionally, zSpace may release driver updates which are required by zSpace. If the Windows Configuration Check has reported any drivers in need of being updating, those drivers can be found at Recommended Hardware and Drivers.

Final Check

Run Configuration Check again

Run the Configuration Check again to verify all updates have been completed and all purchased licenses have been installed.

Post setup

Setting up a zSpace Lab

If you will be running a zSpace to a full lab environment, continue with the full lab setup article here.

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