Checking the installer type and version of Human Anatomy Atlas

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Human Anatomy Atlas has 3 different types of licenses: Annual, Perpetual, and Internal/Partner Use. Identifying which type is on your system can be difficult as the software does not identify itself. Multiple types can also be installed on the same system. The following article steps you through the process of determining what type of installer you have.

Check Windows Programs and Features

  • Right-click the Windows Start button, click on Apps and Features.
  • Scroll through the list of installed applications on your computer and look for 1 or more of the below entries.


If you see the zSpace App Manager logo, as seen in above, you have the Annual License installer type.  To determine the installed version, open App Manager or use Configuration Check to get the installed application version. .


If you see the Windows default icon, this version was installed by downloading the installer from This could be the Perpetual or Internal/Partner installer type.  Additional investigation needs to be done.

If you see more than one version installed, you will need to determine which license type you have purchased, then uninstall the other versions. Having multiple versions installed can lead to further confusion.

Double-click the application shortcut to launch Human Anatomy Atlas. Immediately after clicking the icon, press and hold the alt key on the keyboard. The following screen will be shown. Notice the application version number in the lower left hand side.


The Internal/Partner installer type, displays only the version number. The Perpetual installer type, the version number is followed by a 'p'.