VIVED Anatomy Setup and License Guide

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To install VIVED Anatomy, you need to make sure you have your VIVED Anatomy License Key. The license key should be on the zSpace web portal. If you are unable to locate your license keys, contact customer support online or call (877) 977-2231. Once you have a copy of your license keys, follow the preliminary steps listed below.

Prerequisites: Before installation

  1. Log in to your zSpace system as a user with administrator rights.
  2. Check to see that the date and time are correct.
  3. Connect to the internet.

Install VIVED Anatomy

  1. Download VIVED Anatomy from
  2. Run the downloaded file. Complete the installation selecting the default options. If you receive the following message, click More Info and Install anyways.
    • VA1.png

Registering and licensing VIVED Science for the first time

  1. Launch VIVED Anatomy. The first screen you will see if the log in screen.
    • VA2.jpg
  2. If you do not have an account, select Need to Register? Sign up here! Enter your email address, password, and click Register.
    • VA3.jpg
  3. You will be given a message stating an email has been send to you. Before you can continue, you must check your email and click the account creation confirmation link.
  4. You can now log into VIVED Anatomy. At the log in page, enter your email and password. You can optionally select Remember Me.
    • Selecting Remember Me will cause VIVED Anatomy be automatically be logged in each time the application is launched. Only a logged in user has the ability to activate or deactivate a license.
  5. Once logged in, click the User Profile menu option.
    • VA4.jpg
  6. On the User Profile tab, enter your license key and click Submit Key.
    • va5.jpg
  7. Under My User Keys click Activate next to the license to authorize the computer for use with zSpace. This will also ensure you don’t need an Internet connection to use the software.
    NOTE: There is currently a known issue with licensing VIVED Anatomy and VIVED Chemistry on zSpace Laptop. Please see Unable to License VIVED Anatomy or VIVED Chemistry.
    NOTE: The button will change to Return. You can use this in the future if you need to move the license to a different machine. If the button already says Return then it is active.
    • Page-3-Image-5.jpg
  8. Next click the Settings menu icon, which is the gear at the bottom of the screen.
  9. To enable zSpace, under the Hardware Platform, click zSpace.
    • Page-4-Image-7.jpg
  10. Under the Display, click Force Fullscreen on Start. This will ensure that the system, is started in full screen mode.
  11. You can now click the Home Icon and begin using the new VIVED Science.

You have now registered, licensed, and activated VIVED Science for this zSpace system. If you have more than one zSpace system, you only have to repeat the Activation and Configuration steps for each of the remaining zSpace Systems.

Deactivate or Return a license key

  1. Launch and log into VIVED Anatomy. You do not have to be logged into VIVED Anatomy to use VIVED Anatomy but you must be logged into VIVED Anatomy to activate or deactivate a license.
  2. Select the User Profile menu icon.
  3. If your VIVED Anatomy application is activated, you will see a button labeled Return. Select this button.
    • VADeactivate.jpg
  4. If the deactivation or returning is complete, you will see "Success" under the Submit Key button and the button will change from "Return" to "Activate".
  5. You can exit the application and use that seat to activate on a different system.

If you require further assistance, please contact zSpace Customer Support.