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This article describes the steps for downloading and using the zSpace App Manager Local Repository on your system to allow the install of applications from the local disk or a USB device.

Supported Products

This repository can be used on the zSpace AIO, zSpace AIO, zSpace 300, and zSpace Laptop systems.

Before You Begin

This entire process may take a significant amount of time. Please read all sections and steps to have a clear understanding of the process before you begin. If this process is not clear, please contact zSpace Customer Support. Depending on your internet speeds, it may take 3 hours to multiple days to download all the files. Once the files are downloaded, it will take approximately 45 minutes to create the Local Repository Folder, depending on the type of machine you are using for this process and the read/write speeds on the hard drive and USB device.

All sections and all steps are required to complete this process. This article walks you through the following sections:

  • Overview of the process
  • Required items
  • Download the files
  • Unzip - Reassemble the folder
  • Launch App Manager
  • Choose the local repo location
  • Install applications and run updates
  • Troubleshooting


This process involves downloading a folder that contains all of the install and update files that App Manager normally pulls from an online location. This folder is around 35GB in size and has been zipped and split into parts to make the download easier to tackle for most users.

The zipped folder will get unzipped and stored on a USB device or to the machine local hard disk. A custom shortcut for App Manager is used to point at that location instead of the online location.

This allows for many machines to be updated if you copy this folder to multiple USB devices and the updates can be done very quickly, regardless of internet speed at the machines. A connection is still required and this will not work with a machine that is completely offline.

Required Items

The download machine must have at least 50GB of hard disk space free. The machine used for this process does not need to be a zSpace machine and can be done anywhere you have a good computer with fast download speeds.

If you intend to use a USB device to deploy the Local Repo, then that device must have at least 38GB of free space.

Internet connection on the target zSpace machines. While this process does allow for the files to be loaded from a local repository, an internet connection is still required to complete the install/updates and will also be required to license any applications.

Download The Files

The below download files must be downloaded to the computer local hard disk, NOT the USB drive directly.

Ver. 2020-09-03 Sept 03, 2020 Coming Soon












Unzip - Reassemble the Folder

After these have all been downloaded, locate the files in Windows Explorer and open just the file ending in 001.

Drag the folder called "Rel-Local-2020-09-03" to the USB device you want to use for an install or to the local machine hard disk.


Alternatively, you can right-click the zip file ending in 001 and choose to unzip to choose a location.

This step pulls all file parts from each zip file and makes a single folder with all of the application install data.

Launch App Manager

Open the now unzipped folder called "Rel-Local-2020-09-03" and locate the shortcut for App Manager called "App Manager"


This shortcut has specific parameters linked to it that will open the App Manager installed on your machine, but allow you to browse to a local file location instead of simply looking online.

Launch this shortcut and once App Manager opens, you will be presented with a file browse window as shown below.


Locate the folder called "Rel-Local-2020-09-03", either on the local hard disk or on the external USB device.

Select the folder and wait for App Manager to populate the Library with available installs and updates.

Install Applications and Run Updates

You can now run updates and installs as you normally would. You will notice when installing or updating any of the applications, the remote read speed is 0 and the local read speed is non-zero. The remote read speed is 0 because you are not loading from an online source.





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