Release Notes for August 28, 2020

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Content updates released on August 14, 2020

Studio - 

Bug Fixes:

  • [ZSSTUDIO-897] - Auto-arrange positions cutting plane incorrectly
  • [ZSSTUDIO-930] - UI- App Bar can't be closed manually - The menu bar behaves inconsistently
  • [ZSSTUDIO-964] - UI - Left/Right clicking on model icon makes it stick to the stylus
  • [ZSSTUDIO-1055] - Word wrapping is not handled vertically by static UI
  • [ZSSTUDIO-1099] - File Browser: Long file names getting truncated
  • [ZSSTUDIO-2849] - Studio Build (v opens with artifacts in place
  • [ZSSTUDIO-2858] - Launching to Sandbox instead launches to an Activity with the language forced to Chinese

Euclid's Shapes -

Bug Fixes:

  • [ES-132] - When the grid on the 10 stacked B Block the placement mesh will be half way embedded in the platform
  • [ES-154] - The 5 Square Tile placement mesh will not appear next to another 5 Square Tile when the grid is on. Users will have a hard time lining up the tiles
  • [ES-202] - Revise grids and mats
  • [ES-216] - Glasses On Rest Screen Look Like They Have "Dents"/Smudges
  • [ES-220] - Notable ghosting from the blocks in the background
  • [ES-222] - UI - The Toolbox's icons are low resolution
  • [ES-238] - User can place objects inside of each other, causing the objects to jitter around
  • [ES-239] - The Fraction Bars, Square Tiles, Pattern Blocks and Symbols will clip into the platform when dropped
  • [ES-243] - The Rainbow blocks don't always line up with the lines on the grid
  • [ES-247] - The Square Tiles are not lining up with the lines on the grid
  • [ES-260] - zView - The materials that have alphas are not masked properly
  • [ES-286] - Laptop - Reduce size of toolbox icons
  • [ES-287] - All items in backpack should be fully visible 
  • [ES-296] - The Rainbow block will become giant and clip into each other when grouping the Rainbow blocks
  • [ES-297] - Notebook changes (answers, student name, student class) don't trigger need-to-save dialog
  • [ES-299] - The Activity's name tag is clipping into the platform
  • [ES-305] - Very difficult for the user to rotate the 5 Square Tiles when the the grid is on
  • [ES-306] - The Square Tiles will become giant and clip into each other when grouping the Square Tiles
  • [ES-308] - The Pattern Blocks will become giant and clip into each other when grouping the Pattern Blocks
  • [ES-309] - When decomposing the Base 10 blocks, the newly formed Base 10 blocks will be spaced very far apart
  • [ES-311] - The Fraction Bars will become giant and clip into each other when grouping the Fraction Bars
  • [ES-312] - The Numbers will become giant and clip into each other when grouping the Numbers
  • [ES-313] - Help Screen - Replacement of white rectangle on the left side of the Help Screen has created new issues
  • [ES-314] - Help Screen - The arrows are no longer pointing to the icons
  • [ES-315] - Help Screen - The Backpack texts is not line up with the icons
  • [ES-316] - Help Screen - The Activity's name tag can cover part of the Counter in the help screen
  • [ES-317] - Help Screen - The edge of the Help screen can be seen as the camera moves back
  • [ES-332] - Pattern Blocks Do Not Line Up - v4.0.0.64687
  • [ES-333] - Fraction Bars Do Not Line Up - v4.0.0.64687
  • [ES-334] - Euclid's Shapes Does Not Support Publishing Activities
  • [ES-343] - Number tiles in inventory are shifted too far to the right 

Exploring Anatomy - 1.0.4

Provides new Experiences that help students to explore Anatomy

Certify-Ed Criminal Justice for zSpace - 1.0

New Release

Allows students to process a crime scene to its fullest extent. Students will explore the areas and talk to witnesses prior to entering the scene.

Echopixel True3D Scholar - 42370

New Release

Enables a user to visualize and interact with CT and MRI DICOM image data to assist in medical education


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