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Criminal Justice by Certify-ED will allow students to process a crime scene to its fullest extent. Students will explore the areas and talk to witnesses prior to entering the scene.

Product Features

Product information can be found in the EDU section of our website here.

Download & Installation

You can download Criminal Justice using zSpace App Manager.


Criminal Justice by Certify-ED requires additional licensing to use. For additional information, please contact zSpace Sales at

Criminal Justice is a web-based application and managed at the Certify-ED site.  Upon fulfillment, the customer will be sent login credentials from Certify-ED to the designated customer contact to set up and manage their Certify-ED account.

Important Product Info

The Criminal Justice course from Certify-ED is designed to run on a custom version of the Chromium browser.

It is advised that you do not allow the use of this browser beyond

We have linked a plug-in extension to lock down the Chromium browser for Certify-ED specifically. This is optional and not required if you have an alternative option for locking down browsing in this browser.

Redirector Chrome Extension:

  1. Install on every browser desired.

  2. Click on the icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Click “Edit Redirects”.

  4. Click “Create new redirect”.

  5. Use any example URL.

  6. For “Include Pattern”, use a regular expression such as “^((?!blockscad3d.|youtube.).)*$”

  7. For “Redirect to”, use the Certify-ED website “

  8. For “Pattern type”, select “Regular Expression”

  9. Confirm that the Example result is “

  10. Click “Save”.

Release Information

Version 1.0

Initial release

Additional information can be found on Certify-Ed's website at

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