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True 3D Scholar is a proprietary software application that enables a user to visualize and interact with CT and MRI DICOM image data for medical education. True 3D Scholar is not to be used in clinical applications.

Product Features

Product information can be found in the EDU section of our website here.

Download & Installation

You can download True 3D Scholar using zSpace App Manager.


True 3D Scholar requires licensing to use. Please contact zSpace Sales ( to purchase a license.

Request Key & Activate

This process must be completed on each computer needing a license.

Tip: You should record which zSpace serial number matches which Echopixel Host ID in the below process as that serial will be needed by zSpace and also must be matched with the license file that is emailed to you.

  1. Launch the True 3D Scholar application from the offline shortcut, making sure to "Run as administrator" on the initial launch.
  2. Once the application launches, you will be shown a Host IDmceclip0.png
  3. Copy to Clipboard or record this ID so that you can email it to
  4. Title the email to support "True 3D Key Request"
  5. In the body of the email, include your Host ID and your zSpace serial number for each machine needing a key.
  6. Support will email a .lcs file back which must then be put into the following Windows directory so that the application will properly license: C:\Program Files\Echopixel\True3DScholar\mceclip3.png
  7. Once the license file is moved to the listed directory, you can launch the app from zCentral and will now have full access.


 Please email support if you need to deactivate a machine to either move a license or if you have a replacement machine.


Release Information

Version 1.0

Initial release


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