Release Notes for August 14, 2020

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Content updates released on August 14, 2020

Configuration Check - 4.0

  • Update Format for new applications
  • Internal updates to improve ease of setup

VIVED Science - 5.3.77

Bug Fixes

  • [VIV-50] Users are unable to unhide all Landmarks after hiding them
  • [VIV-52] The check does not mark the option the user selects in the settings menu
  • [VIV-53] The mouse controls will not move the camera or the model's parts in Author mode
  • [VIV-55] The fern leaves materials are only one-sided, user can see the leaves from the top only
  • [VIV-74] There are several models that are not centered on the view port
  • [VIV-93]  Improved performance on the "Neurons and Synapses" session
  • [VIV-103] Beluga Whale Model: The word Fin is misspelled
  • [VIV-108] When rotating models in zSpace Mode with the mouse, certain angles causes the UI to become skewed
  • [VIV-109] Bacteria vs Viruses only shows the bacteria modelVectors - Sometimes when putting down the pad the screen will flash white for a few seconds

VIVED Anatomy - 5.3.57

New Features

  • DICOM feature was added

Bug Fixes

  • [VIV-46] When disabling labels on a slide the change take effect after the user return back to the slide
  • [VIV-48] The mouse controls will not move the camera or the model's parts in Author mode
  • [VIV-49] Users are unable to unhide all Landmarks after hiding them 

VIVED Chemistry -

Bug Fixes

  • [VIV-58] There are no tooltips for the icons when the user hover over them[
  • [VIV-65] Unable to see search filters without opening Search Menu
  • [VIV-96] Refresh 66 activities
  • [VIV-100] Changing AIO angle while zView AR Mode is active will cause artifacts to appear on second monitor
  • [VIV-106] - Incorrect answers in VIVED Chemistry Atomic Structure were corrected

WaveNG - 6.30

New Features

  • WaveNG now supports SMAW 
  • Users can now enter their pin using the keyboard rather than having to click on the keys on the screen

Bug Fixes

  • [MIM-6] - Disconnects from server after completing activity 

App Manager - 4.3

New Features

  • App Manager can now support a local repository for Installs and Updates.  For locations where network and internet connectivity is difficult, this capability will allow customers to use a local folder or USB Flash Drive for a bulk of the downloads.  Please note that internet and network connectivity for some of the basic settings information is still required, but the majority of actually application data can be downloaded and used from a USB Flash Drive.

Bug Fixes

  • [SSNAPPM-107] Applications status are not showing up properly in Configuration Check for China
  • [SSNAPPM-110] App Manager can revert to Classic Channel when updating
  • [SSNAPPM-114] Naming convention of the apps needs to be corrected for all locales
  • [SSNAPPM-141] WaveNG shows up incorrectly due to space in pathname
  • [SSNAPPM-158] Downloads frequently restarting back at 0 MB progress.
  • [SSNAPPM-210] App Manager hangs during self-update in nightly task
  • [SSNAPPM-214] Application crashes when closing too quickly after changing language
  • [SSNAPPM-225] Two zSpace Experiences are listed as STEM Software and all others are listed as zSpace Applications and Experiences
  • [SSNAPPM-239] Typo App Manager Title and in "About" 
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