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BlocksCAD3D by BlocksCAD is a cloud-based 3D modeling tool that encourages students to learn math, computational thinking, and coding concepts through graphical visualization and designing models to be 3D printed.

Product Features

Math with BlocksCAD

Students create models while building geometrical proficiency
and other math skills.

• 3D cartesian coordinates
• positive and negative numbers
• Decimals
• solid shapes, like cubes, spheres, and cylinders
• geometrical transformations, like translation, rotation,
reflection, and scaling
• set operations, like union, difference, and intersection
• arithmetic, including order of operations
• use variables to create parameterized models
• plot trigonometric and parametric functions
• learn polar coordinates

Programming with BlocksCAD

BlocksCAD is based on the open-source programming language OpenSCAD, a powerful and popular language in the 3D maker community. Its
block-based interface makes programming accessible to 3rd grades through high school.
Students learn to write a computer program to describe a solid 3D model, using:

• variables to make a design that can change sizes - like a ring
• loops to make even patterns shapes in a design - like the numbers
on a clock or the steps in a staircase.
• randomness in models - like a forest randomly generated from
different types of tree shapes
• conditional logic to add patterns to shapes - rotate every other
ring in a line to make an interlocking chain.
• modules to build a library of shapes to use in designs

For a video demonstration, guides, and a pdf brochure, please go to

Download and Installation

BlocksCAD3D requires additional licensing to use. For additional information, please contact zSpace Sales at

If you have purchased a valid license, you can download BlocksCAD3D using zSpace App Manager.


BlocksCAD3D is a web-based application and managed at the BlocksCAD site.  Upon fulfillment, the customer will be sent login credentials from BlocksCAD to the designated customer contact to setup and manage their BlocksCAD account.


Important Product Info

BlocksCAD3D is designed to run on a custom version of the Chromium browser.

It is advised that you do not allow the use of this browser beyond

We have linked a plug-in extension to lock down the Chromium browser for the BlocksCAD specifically. This is optional if you do not have an alternative to locking down browsing in this browser.

Redirector Chrome Extension:

  1. Install on every browser desired.

  2. Click on the icon in the upper right corner.

  3. Click “Edit Redirects”.

  4. Click “Create new redirect”.

  5. Use any example URL.

  6. For “Include Pattern”, use a regular expression such as “^((?!blockscad3d.|youtube.).)*$”

  7. For “Redirect to”, use the BlocksCAD website “

  8. For “Pattern type”, select “Regular Expression”

  9. Confirm that the Example result is “

  10. Click “Save”.

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