Release Notes for June 26, 2020

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Content updates released on June 26 2020

Studio -

New Activities

  • Causes of the Revolutionary War
  • Genetic Variations
  • Natural Selection

Updated Activities

  • Biomimicry (Part 2): Applying Biomimicry Thinking
  • Branches of the US Government
  • How Were American Colonies Formed?
  • Peppered Moth
  • Trails West
  • Triangles, Circles and Squares Oh My!

Activity Names Changed

  • Insect Biomimicry (Former name = Comparing Insects)
  • Thirteen American Colonies (Former Name = 13 American Colonies)
  • Timeline: Evolution of Transportation (Former Name = Timeline: Ground Transportation)

Fun2 Advanced Manufacturing Hydraulics - 2.0

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to interact with UI when using the mouse (1)
  • Clicking on the 3D TV button causes the application to stop opening in fullscreen (3)
  • When objects are moved into negative parallax can't be moved (4)
  • When camera Is connected, zView defaults To AR mode (7)
  • When using AR mode, switching to standard mode does not return to correct perspective (8)
  • Installing AIO Installer over Laptop causes app to freeze on splash screen (11)
  • Windows Defender prompts warning (12)
  • Error in building fluid system (19)
  • Updated application name to “Advanced Manufacturing Hydraulics” (28)

GTA Electric Automotive Mechanic - 1.2.2


VR Electric Automotive Mechanic by GTAFE allows students to practice the assembly and disassembly of an electric vehicle and its various systems within a virtual mechanic shop where safety is guaranteed and repair procedures can be repeated.

VR Automotive Mechanic by GTAFE supports the following languages: English and Chinese(Simplified).

Edustar Applications - New

  • Geography - Middle School - - China and AIO Platform Only 
  • Geography - High School - - China and AIO Platform Only 
  • History - Middle School - - China and AIO Platform Only 
  • History - High School - - China and AIO Platform Only 


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