GTAFE Electric Automotive Mechanic

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Allow students to practice assembly and disassembly within a virtual shop where safety is guaranteed and practice can be repeated. Students will be better prepared for real-world training after working within the VR Electric Automotive Mechanic simulation. Systems included are: engine, powertrain, motor controller, and battery systems. Electric Automotive Mechanic by GTAFE was designed specifically to run on the zSpace AIO and zSpace Laptop.

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Product Features

  • The vehicle model supports 360-degree rotation, zooming in or out, an internal detail display, and the animation of the operating process.
  • The principles of the automobile include the engine, powertrain, motor controller, and battery systems.
  • During the use of the software, the model can be adjusted to a suitable angle, and the parts and tools to be used are highlighted, thus helping students simulate the initial disassembly process.


User's Guide

GTA Electric Automotive Mechanic User's Guide for v1.2


GTA Electric Automotive mechanic requires a license (product key) to use. Please contact zSpace Sales ( to purchase a license.

Activate License

When licensing Electric Automotive Mechanic for the first time, be sure to right-click on the shortcut and select Run as administrator. The application's first launch will go to the Software License Registration page. Enter your license key (product key) and click activate license. The software license registration does require an active Internet Connection.

Deactivate License

Users can find their license and version information at the bottom of the settings UI. In the license management section, users can also stop using the existing license.

  1. Open the settings menu.
  2. Select Deactivate License.
  3. Select yes to deactivate the license.
  4. The license can now be used on another zSpace. 

Release Information

Version 1.2

The application version 1.2 is the initial release of the application.

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