Updating Windows 10 OS

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Currently shipping zSpace Laptops and AIOs, currently have deferred updates enabled for 365 days.  What does this mean?  It means that our zSpace systems will not update beyond its current version for at least 365 days.  

Why? Updates to Microsoft Windows 10 may inadvertently cause issues with our tracking software or with the system's ability to present in stereoscopic mode and/or our tracking software.  The deferred updates allow zSpace time to validate any potential issues against these new updates and to avoid customers experiencing any disruption in usage.  

zSpace recommends that this setting remain in place for the best overall user experience and that you check with zSpace Customer Support prior to performing any updates to ensure the latest Microsoft update has been verified compatible.

Once you have done this and you wish to continue to update to the latest Windows 10 release, you can use Microsoft's Update Assistant to run through the latest update.  The following is a link to Microsoft's website: 



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