Warning: Windows 10 May 2020 Update (2004) and zSpace Systems

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Microsoft recently released the May 2020 Update to Windows 10.  zSpace is recommending customers to NOT update their zSpace Laptops and AIOs to this latest release as it causes an issue with the stereoscopic display.

For AIO systems, the update disables 3D Display Mode.  You can enable the Display Mode by going into Settings ->Display->3D Display Mode (toggle on).  This is the current workaround for AIO users.  

There currently is no solution for Laptop users.

If you have updated to the May 2020 Update, please revert your systems back to the original release.  Please visit Microsoft's support website on instructions on how to do this properly.


zSpace is currently investigating possible solutions and will notify customers once it is okay to update to the May 2020 update.

Please contact zSpace Customer Support if you have further questions.

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