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VIVED Learning provides an independent license portal which allows you to register and view your VIVED License keys directly rather than through the application. VIVED’s License Portal will add the following visibility and functionality:

  • Register Email Address and Add Keys to the Portal
  • Check How Many Seats Are Available
  • Check the Expiration date on Keys
  • Reset VIVED Password For Use of Application

The sections below instruct you how to log in, register, and view your VIVED License keys.


Access VIVED’s License Portal from the following URL:


Registering Email Address

When registering your key for the first time you will need to create an account. Click on I Need to Register.


Once you register with your email and password, you will receive an email from VIVED asking to confirm your account. Click on the confirmation link in the email to complete the registration. 

After confirming your account, you can log into the portal using the email and password that you created previously.


Adding Keys:

Once logged in, you will be on the general information screen, You will need to choose My Keys from the menu on the left-hand side.


To add keys, enter the license key into the following field and click Add Key. Once the keys are added they will be displayed in the list below. If this is the first time you are entering the keys, there will be nothing displayed on that menu.


Viewing License Keys:

In the My Keys menu, you will also be able to see details of your active and inactive licenses. 


Password Reset Instructions:

To reset your VIVED Password, Please Click on the I Forgot My Password as shown below:


Enter the email address that is used to access the account as shown in the example below and then click on submit.


Once the email is submitted, a confirmation email from VIVED will come from Within the email, please click the link to gain access to the password change fields. Please see the example below:


After accessing the link from the email, You will be re-routed to the VIVED Portal. Enter and Confirm the preferred password. Please note: the password must contain a  minimum of 8 characters, one or more numeric characters, and no spaces. 

Once completed,  access to the  VIVED Learning account portal as well as the VIVED Learning applications will be available.  Please contact support with any questions at

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