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We have identified an issue with the December 13th release where zCentral will not show any content. When opening the search tab, zCentral displays no search results available. We have corrected the issue but users may still need to clear their browser cache before they see any search results. This can be done by performing the following steps. 

  1. Clear your browsers cache
    • If you are using Google Chrome, perform the following.
      1. Clicking the Chrome settings mceclip0.png icon in the upper right hand corner of the browser window and select Settings. This will open Chrome settings.
      2. In the Chrome settings, search for cache.
        • mceclip2.png
      3. In your search results, click on Clear browsing data.
        • mceclip3.png
      4. In the Time range selector, select All time.
        • mceclip4.png
      5. Select Clear data.
    • If you are using Internet Explorer, perform the following:
      1. Click the settings icon in the upper right hand corner of screen and select Internet Options. The settings icon looks like a gear.
      2. Under Browsing history, click on the Delete button. 
      3. Click Delete.
      4. Click Ok. 
  2. Close your browser.
  3. Launch zCentral.
  4. Click on the Search mceclip5.png tab in zCentral.
  5. On the keyboard, press Ctrl+F5
  6. zCentral should now display all content.


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