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Industrial Robotics Mechanic by GTAFE allows students to practice assembly/disassembly, with a particular focus on preventative maintenance, and common procedures for manufacturing robots. Students will practice daily, monthly and quarterly maintenance procedures in this self guided application.

Product Features



You can determine which version you are licensed for by looking in the zSpace License Portal. Your license name will contain the version number in the name. Be sure to install the correct version for your licenses.

User's Guide

Activate License

When licensing Virtual Industrial Robotic Mechanic for the first time, be sure to right-click on the shortcut and select Run as administrator. Application first launch will go to the Software License Registration page. Enter your license key (product key) and click activation license. The software license registration does require an active Internet Connection.

Deactivate License

Please contact zSpace Support to deactivate your license.

Release Info

Current release notes for Industrial Robotics Mechanic can be found here.

Complete archive release notes can be found here.

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