Release notes for November 8, 2019

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Content updates released on November 8, 2019

App Manager -

Bug fixes

  • Nightly updates should now correct work on zSpace AIO models. 
  • Machine detection is now working properly for all zSpace models.
  • Command line arguments will now work properly on zSpace AIO models. 

Features and Improvements

  • The "Update All" button will not be shown until all application states are checked. This can take 15 to 45 seconds after launching App Manager. 

Known Issues

  • Appropriate error messages may not be shown when user does not have proper permissions to run App Manager. 
  • System Software can be shown as "Installed" even though the installation has failed. Running repair on the installation or uninstalling and installing System Software again may resolve the issue.

Configuration Check - 3.1.5

  • For zSpace laptop, some power management settings are now displayed
  • Resolved issue where Solar System Experiences were reporting as uninstalled
  • Applications with grace period are now shown as licensed during the grace period

Newton’s Park -

  • Updates to Help Screen in Spanish and Chinese
  • Update to support Russian
  • Resolved issue in activity A418 where the ram could go off screen

Studio -

  • Activity question and name updates

Vizitech ECG - 1.54

ECG has been optimized to be supported on zSpace Laptop

zCentral Database update

  • Resolved issue where Experiences do not show up as launchable when installed but not licensed.
  • Updated to support Russian language
  • Chinese localization fixes
  • Community Uploads are now working

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