Release notes for September 27, 2019

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Content updates released on September 27, 2019

App Manager -

This is the initial release for China.

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue where App Manager was not able to verify certificate chain causing App Manager to not update or install zCentral properly.
  • The installed version now displays properly in Configuration Check.
  • 3rd party applications including GTA Auto Export, Auto Mechanic and Canine, VIVED Anatomy, and Vizitech ECG, are now supported by App Manager. Only the most recent versions of these applications will be supported by App Manager.
  • zSpace AIO system setting change to allow systems to properly wake from sleep for updates. This was distributed as “AIO Configuration” update.

Features and Improvements

  • Available update version is now displayed.
  • If you try to close App Manager and it is not ready to be closed, appropriate message is displayed to the user.
  • Application logging is now in global location.


This update is zSpace side. No customer download is required.

  • Many missing or incorrect Offline Access shortcuts have been corrected.
  • Launch codes are now recognized in search as well as quick launch.
  • When searching for some search terms such as “Skeletal” or “gta” would result in no internet connection message. This has been resolved.
  • Improvements to searching. Searching by descriptions will return more favorable results.
  • Customer satisfaction survey has been added. After launching an application from zCentral, users will see a short survey. 
  • The teacher login has been removed. 

Newton’s Park

No changes were made to the Newton's Park application. All updates are related to the content available..

  • "Graphing Speed vs. Time: Mass and Force (Former Name: Graphing Speed vs Time: Mass)"

Franklin's Lab - 4.0.5

  • Chinese and Spanish localization fixes. Text should always be in the selected language.
  • The tooltip for the AA battery now shows the correct tooltip.

Euclid's Shapes - 2.2.1

  • Improvements were done to the licensing mechanism to reduce the chance of licensed applications becoming unlicensed.
  • Support for zSpace EDU Server has been removed. For assistance in upgrading your applications, please see
  • Answering a question with image now works properly.
  • Numerous language improvements including:
    • Scene will no longer load upside down when China language is selected.
    • In some cases, characters would be trimmed from some labels in Chinese.
  • Numerous UI improvements including:
    • Resolved an issue where the screen would not center when menu was closed.
    • Adding object to scene could cause a flash in screen.
    • Many UI updates were done to support the zSpace Laptop.
  • Limits on number of individual and constraints on these objects in-scene are now being enforced and the constraints for these objects.
  • Resolved a case where after adding a question to an activity the activity guide would not be displayed.
  • Base 10 block size has been increased to make their sizing be more inline with other objects.
  • Base 10 blocks will compose even when not the selected or touching the selected objects.
  • Decreased the size of the wrecking ball to make it more inline with the rest of the scene.
  • Fixed issue where after selecting ok in the activity builder the current scene could be lost.
  • Resolved issue where trying to activate stylus cam would take a screenshot instead.
  • Selecting Reset All, the entire scene will now properly reset.
  • In activity builder constraints, -1 was used to represent unlimited. Now an empty value is used.

Studio -

No changes were made to the Studio application. All updates are related to the content available from within Studio.

Model Updates

  • Renamed "Eukaryote Cell" to "Eukaryotic Cell"
  • 2 new models (“Leonardo’s Boat”, “Rooster (Animated)“)
  • Several models had small updates to fix visual errors
  • Several models had small updates to add, remove, or fix labels

New Activities

  • Brightness of the Sun vs. Stars
  • Home Sweet Home
  • Seafloor Spreading
  • Types of Volcanoes
  • What Is the Weather This Season?

Updated Activities

  • Changes in Bird Beaks
  • Exploring Constellations
  • Go with the Flow
  • How Are Birds and Reptiles Related?
  • Lipids
  • Macromolecules
  • Micro Mercury
  • Now You See Me, Now You Don't!
  • Oceanic Exploration in the 15th Century
  • Orbits
  • Plate Boundaries
  • Solid, Liquid or Gas
  • Volcanologist for a Day

Name changes

  • Global Warming and Arctic Sea Ice (Former Name: Arctic: Sea Ice)
  • Patterns of the Sun, Earth, and Moon (Former Name: Sun Exploration)
  • The Water Cycle (Former Name: Cloudy Clouds)
  • Weather vs. Climate (Former Name: Does it Snow in the Summer?)
  • What Is The Weather Today? (Former Name: What Is Your Weather?)

Removed Activities

  • Sun vs. Moon

zSpace Experiences

  • Flu Virus and Pipette initial release
  • Solar System updates including:
    • Timing for animation of the tides now matches the text.
    • Removed the red and gray axis/tilt indicators from the Earth in the Tides animation.
    • Removed the ending animation of the Moon orbiting the Earth from the Tides animation.
    • Now the Tides animation returns to the same place when clicking “Repeat” from when you first run it.
    • The stylus Beam is now only be seen when the user is holding the stylus at the screen.
    • Fixed an issue that caused no text to appear when clicking on the word Universe.
    • Fixed several text grammatical errors

Configuration Check - 3.1.3

  • The new URLs used by App Manager 4.x are now checked.
  • Uploading log files now uses Amazon AWS. Because of this, uploading is now supported in China.
  • 3rd party applications GTA Auto Export, Auto Mechanic and Canine, VIVED Anatomy, and Vizitech ECG, are now supported. Only the most recent versions of these applications will be supported by Configuration Check.
  • All support of EDU Server has been removed.
  • All model packs for Studio and content packs for zSpace Learning Apps have been removed. This is to remain consistent with App Manager.
  • Applications which are not available for the current zSpace hardware will now be hidden.

zSpace Laptop GPU Driver

  • Resolved an issue causing screen flickering or coloring when 2D and 3D windows overlapped.
  • Installing driver on fresh OS or after OS upgrade could cause laptop screen to be blank until another monitor was connected.
  • Resolved an issue, in some cases, after laptop woke from hardware sleep, stereo (3D) would not work.
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