Advanced Manufacturing Mechanical by Fun2

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Advanced Manufacturing Mechanical by Fun2 allows students to explore simulated 3D model components and animations to develop the fundamentals needed in a wide variety of manufacturing processes, including production, logistics and maintenance.

zSpace delivers advanced manufacturing applications on its AR/VR platform to provide students with hands-on training on a wide variety of manufacturing processes from preventative maintenance and routine repairs to logistics and production. Compared to traditional manufacturing training, students using zSpace can monitor assembly progress and provide real-time feedback. Training in AR/VR is unaffected by factory environments and can accommodate changes in product design, improve consistency across production lines, and address incoming or outgoing quality.

Download and Installation

Advanced Manufacturing requires additional licensing to use. For additional information, please contact zSpace Sales at

If you have purchased a valid license, you can download Advanced Manufacturing using zSpace App Manager.

Activating and Deactivating licenses

Please see our Activate and Deactivate license guide.

Release Notes

Version 3.1

  • Initial release for zSpace AIO and zSpace Laptop
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