Setting up your zSpace Laptop and user guide

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Welcome to zSpace! This article walks you through how to setup a single zSpace Laptop system.


Before you get started

Laptop specifications

Complete hardware components and specifications for the zSpace Laptop can be found here

Available applications

Not all applications previously available for prior models of zSpace hardware are available on the laptop platform. For full list of supported software titles, please visit the zSpace software matrix

Power Consumption

The power connector for the zSpace laptop only charges when using the left side USB C port. Next to this port is a charging indicator. For a full description of this LED, please see zSpace Laptop LED power indicator.

The zSpace Laptop has similar power requirements and power consumption of gaming laptops. For a full-day of AV/VR experience, zSpace strongly recommends access to an additional power source. For more information, please visit zSpace Laptop external batteries.

Obtaining your licenses

You will need all your licenses to activate each of your applications. All your licenses can be obtained using the zSpace License Portal.

Setting up the hardware

Opening the box, hardware setup

When unboxing your zSpace Laptop, verify all hardware components are present. List of hardware components can be found here.

Unlike the zSpace AIO, the zSpace Laptop does not include follower glasses.

Powering on your zSpace for the first time

When zSpace is powered on for the first time, Windows will need to be setup. Our Windows Configuration Guide will assist with setting Windows up for the first time.

Tapping the power button quickly on the keyboard has no action. To open the power settings, you must depress the power button for more than 1/2 second. Doing this will give options to sleep, shutdown, or restart the laptop.  LaptopPowerOptions.png

Quick Test - Using zSpace for the first time

You can verify that your zSpace Laptop is ready to use by checking the tracking software status. This can be done by looking in the Windows System Tray for a cube. TrackingStatus.png. If the cube is green, hovering the mouse over the cube it will say zSpace is running. Otherwise, an appropriate status message will be displayed. Clicking on the cube will open the zSpace Control Panel

To use mouse right click on the zSpace touchpad, press anywhere on the touch pad using two fingers. This behavior or any other mouse or touchpad behaviors can be changed by:
  1. Click on the Windows Start button, type Touchpad, and select Touchpad settings in the search results.
  2. Review the touchpad settings and make the desired changes.

Setting up your software

Configuration Check

zSpace Configuration Check is a simple tool which can be run without installation on a PC. It will check if your computer is up to date by scanning your application versions, hardware driver versions, and verifying important URLs are accessible. These scans are specific to zSpace software and applications. 

Out of the box, it is likely your zSpace needs some updates performed. By running the zSpace Configuration Check, you will see what needs to be updated.

  1. To run zSpace Configuration Check, click the Windows Start Menu, scroll down and click on the zSpace folder, click on zSpace Configuration Check.
  2. Review the log on screen. Anything that is listed as green is good to go. Anything that is listed in red likely needs to be addressed. Yellow items mean items which may or may not need attention.
  3. For further information, please see zSpace Configuration Check.

Update zSpace Applications

The Installing and Updating zSpace Applications article will walk you through all the steps to update all your zSpace software. Some partner and 3rd party applications need to be installed by downloading these applications directly from the zSpace website.

License zSpace Applications

zSpace has a license portal which will display all licenses purchased. For further details on how to retrieve and enter your license keys, please see How to obtain and enter license keys in your STEM applications.

Install, Update, and License 3rd Party applications

Some 3rd Party applications are not installed through App Manager. As needed, install any of these applications for which you have purchased licenses. You can find the software downloads or instructions for how to obtain the software at Each 3rd party software will also have instructions on how to activate the licenses.

Windows and Hardware Driver Updates

Occasionally, zSpace may release driver updates which are required by zSpace. If the Windows Configuration Check has reported any drivers in need of being updating, those drivers can be found at Recommended Hardware and Drivers.

Final Check

Run Configuration Check again

Run the Configuration Check again to verify all updates have been completed and all purchased licenses have been installed.

Tips and tricks

Tapping the power button quickly on the keyboard has no action. To open the power settings, you must depress the power button for more than 1/2 second. Doing this will give options to sleep, shutdown, or restart the laptop.  LaptopPowerOptions.png
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