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This article applies only to zSpace System Software for zSpace Laptop. If you are using a zSpace 200, 300, AIO, or AIO Pro, please see Control Panel and System Software for zSpace 200, 300, AIO, and AIO Pro.


The zSpace System Check is an integrated part of the zSpace Control Panel and tests all aspects of the zSpace to verify the required configurations and settings have been made. The zSpace System Check consists of 

  • Stereo Imaging Test - Test to make sure Stereo is enabled on your system.
  • Head Tracking Test - Test to verify head tracking is functioning.
  • Stylus Tracking Test - Test to verify stylus tracking is functioning.

Running the zSpace System Check

  1. Click the Windows Start button, type zSpace Control, and click the zSpace Control search result. 
  2. Click on Stereo, Stylus, or Glasses to perform the selected test.
  3. To close the test or close zSpace Control Panel, press escape on the keyboard.

zSpace Laptop User Guide

More information on using the zSpace Laptop can be found in the zSpace Laptop User Guide. 





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