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The zSpace App Manager provides a simple way for you to download, install and update many of the zSpace applications, content, and demos. Downloading and using zSpace App Manager you agree to the zSpace Programs Master Terms and Conditions.



All zSpace downloads are now available at including App Manager.

zSpace App Manager manages downloads for:

  • zSpace Demos including:
    • zSpace Aquarium
    • zSpace Let's Cook
    • zSpace Missile Defense
    • zSpace Planet Attack
    • zSpace Tennis
  • VIVED Science* (formally Cyber Science 3D)
  • Newton's Park*
  • Franklin's Lab*
  • zSpace Studio*
  • zSpace Studio STEM Model Packs (18 total)
  • Curie's Elements*
  • Euclid's Shapes*
  • zSpace Experience
  • Leopoly 3D Designer for zSpace*
  • zSpace zView*
  • zSpace Introduction
  • zSpace System Software
  • zSpace Packager
  • zSpace Experiences
  • Labster*
  • Visible Body Human Anatomy Atlas*
  • Additional titles coming soon

 * Denotes additional licensing required to use application


  1. Download and run the zSpace App Manager Install file.
  2. Install selecting the default options.
  3. Run zSpace App Manager by selecting the desktop icon.
  4. Upon first run, update App Manager as outlined in Updating and Installing zSpace Applications.


Selecting alternate source (repository)

App Manager, as of version 3.0.0, supports selecting different sources for downloads. This can be done by selecting Sources from the top menu then selecting the source name for the downloads. When an alternate source is selected, the available downloads will be displayed. The currently available sources are:

  • zSpace Classic - Use this for zSpace 300, zSpace AIO, and zSpace AIO Pro where you are currently using the EDU Server
  • zSpace 2019  - The current released, zSpace 2019 version of applications. Most users should use this version
  • Labster (LICENSED USERS ONLY) - This is for licensed Labster users only.

For assistance on determining what source you should use for your zSpace lab, please see Updating your zSpace to 2019.

Some applications and their updates are only available by selecting different repositories.

Application Updates

  • Please see this article for assistance in determining applications which have updates.

Nightly Updates

A new feature was introduced with App Manager version 3.0, updates are now automatically done nightly at 2am. These updates are done at a system level therefore being logged into the system is not required. Only the last selected repository will be updated.

This feature can be disabled by:

  1. Click on the Windows Start button and type Task Scheduler. Click on Task Scheduler in the search results.
  2. In the left panel, click Task Scheduler Library and in the center panel browse to the zSpace App Manager Nightly Update.
  3. Right click on zSpace App Manager Nightly Update and select disable.
  4. *Double clicking on zSpace App Manager Nightly Update will allow you make other changes to this task.

The default options for this feature are:

  • Wake computer to run this task.
  • Run daily at 2am.
  • Only run if computer is on AC power.
  • Each time App Manager is updated, these defaults are reset.

Updating App Manager

Please see this article for how to update App Manager

Known Issues

Please see our known issues article for complete list of App Manager known issues.

In some cases, it is possible to get App Manager into a state where everything is in a "waiting" state or the source selector is grayed out and another source cannot be selected. This can be caused by various issues. If you close App Manager, it will not give you any prompts stating applications installations are in progress. When you open App Manager again, you will see installations are all still "waiting". This can be resolved by the following:

  1. Close App Manager.
  2. Open File Explorer, browse to C:\ProgramData\zSpace\Cache\win32\core. ProgramData is generally a hidden folder by Windows. You may need to type the location into the address bar as shown in the following screen shot.
    • AppManagerStatesQueueu.png
  3. Delete the state.queue file.
  4. Open App Manager, select the applications to update again.

Release Notes

Version 3.0.1 through 3.1.4


  • App Manager now supports application updates. Studio model packs will now only download the needed content instead of downloading and installing every model in the package. This will significantly reduce the time needed to run updates.
  • App Manager is now updated through App Manager in the same manner as the rest of the updates in App Manager.
  • App Manager now has multiple locations (sources) to download content. The zSpace AIO and Laptop use different sources, as well as Labster.
  • Nightly update feature has been added. At 2:00 am every day, if the zSpace is on or in sleep mode, the system will attempt to wake up and install all available zSpace updates.

Product fixes including:

  • Stability of App Manager has been improved by managing how App Manager manages various errors and access of files.
  • Fixed some cases where a generic “Installation error has occurred” error message.
  • Clicking Update All will no longer crash app manager.
  • Fixed in issue allowing a prior version of App Manager to be installed over a newer version of App Manager.
  • Improved the reliability of the nightly update feature.

Version 3.0.0

  • Nightly updater feature has been added.
  • Addition of multiple sources for different updates.
  • Faster downloads and smaller updates.
  • Progress bars to show downloads and installation progress.
  • Better use of disk space to minimize disk space needed to install updates.
  • Service tray icon has been removed.

Optional Installation:

If you have a slow Internet connection or no Internet connection and need the ability to install applications offline, please see this article here.

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