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Why is this needed?

The zSpace Laptop has similar power requirements and power consumption of gaming laptops. For a full-day of AV/VR experience, zSpace strongly recommends access to an additional power source. To get through a typical full day of use only on battery power, an external battery has been made available. At night, everything charges in the Earthwalk Charging Cart for zSpace Laptops


Technical Specifications*

Type 2 (currently available)

  • Type: Lithium-ion cell battery
  • Cell capacity: 20,000 mAh 72Wh 3.6V
  • Size: 6.31" x 3.22" x 0.83"
  • Weight: 14.29 oz

Type 1 (no longer available)

  • Type: Lithium-ion cell battery
  • Size: 7.06” L x 3.1” W x .875” H
  • Weight: 19.4 oz

*Specifications are subject to change

If traveling with batteries, they must be stored in carry-on luggage (cannot be placed in checked baggage)

How to order external batteries

During the process of purchasing your zSpace Laptops, your sales representative should have provided options to purchase external batteries and other zSpace accessories. If you did not purchase external batteries with your original purchase, or if you would like to buy other external batteries, please email sales@zspace.com or buy online at https://zspace.com/accessories/

What should I expect to receive with my external batteries?


External battery


USB-C to USB-C cable (Connects the external battery to the zSpace Laptop)


USB-C to USB-A cable (Connects the external battery to the charging station)


Charging station (1 for every 8 external batteries)


Power brick for charging station


How to charge the battery

The external batteries come with two cables. One USB-C to USB-C for connecting the battery to the laptop and one USB-B to USB-C to recharge the battery. When Earthwalk Charging Car for zSpace Laptops is purchased, you will be provided external battery charging rack. Place up to 8 batteries in each charging rack and use the USB-B to USB-C cable to connect each battery.


Using the battery

Use the USB-C to USB-C cable to connect the battery to the zSpace Laptop. The Laptop acts as a secondary battery for the laptop and does not recharge the internal zSpace Laptop battery. You will see no indications on the laptop when the battery is connected. When the external battery is being used and still has remaining charge, the current power level on the laptop will remain constant. 

Best practices

Start your instructional day with a fully charged external battery and fully charged zSpace Laptop

zSpace recommends that you use your external battery first. In the AM when you begin instruction, connect the external battery (USB-C to USB-C) to the zSpace Laptop and let the external battery power your zSpace use. 

Highest power consumption occurs when using 3D experiences with zSpace applications. When using zSpace applications continuously (running VR ongoing), expect 4-6 hours of use. The zSpace Laptop is smart enough to toggle out of VR mode when using standard web pages like email or Google Docs. 

When you need to recharge the external battery after it has been depleted, simply return the external battery to the charging station. Please note, no more than 8 external batteries should be connected to a single charging station at one time. 

Replacement cables

zSpace does not offer cables for purchase separately if lost or additional cables are needed.  If additional cables are needed, many computer accessories stores have these cables available.


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