Where are the application shortcuts?

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zCentral has become the preferred method of launching all your zSpace applications. With that, most zSpace applications are having their shortcuts removed from the Windows Start Menu. 

zCentral does require an Internet connection. If an Internet connection is not available, shortcuts are being added to the Windows Start Menu in a limited manner. The shortcuts are sorted by available languages.

To find these shortcuts:

  1. Click the Windows Start Button and scroll down to the zSpace folder.
  2. Look for Offline Access. Clicking on this will open Windows File Explore for your current language.
  3. In your language folder, several folders will be available: Activities, Applications, Demos, and Experiences. All shortcuts are sorted into the appropriate folder.
  4. Open any of these folders to find the application shortcuts.

If desktop shortcuts are still wanted or needed, below is how to make shortcuts to your applications. Shortcuts to zSpace applications must be created or the following may occur:

  • Application will not launch
  • Application may launch but not in stereo (3D)
  • Stereo may look very off
  • Tracking may not work
  • Applications will not launch using the full dimensions of the zSpace display
  • Borders of the applications may extend beyond the edge of the display

Create your own shortcut:

    1. Open the Offline Access folder as described above.
    2. Find the shortcut file by selecting your language and browsing the Offline Access folder. 
    3. Right-click on the shortcut, select Send to then Desktop (create shortcut).
You can also create a shortcut to the offline access folder on the desktop performing the same steps above but right click on the Offline Access folder.

On your desktop you will now have a shortcut to that application. This shortcut can be moved or copied to any location on your computer.

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