Windows 10 December 2018 Update

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*Update* zSpace has released a new GPU driver for the laptop which eliminates this issue. The driver has been released and can be installing using zSpace App Manager. Please see Installing and Updating zSpace Applications.


Microsoft has released another major update for Windows 10 on December 11, 2018. This release is also known as build 1809. There is one known issue affecting only the zSpace Laptop with this release.

With build 1809, if the laptop goes to sleep, when the laptop wakes up from sleep, you no longer will have stereo (3D). Your applications will continue to run but only in 2D. To recover, the laptop needs to reboot. The workaround is to either not update to build 1809 or if you do updated to 1809, disable sleep or always reboot your zSpace when not in use. 

zSpace Laptop, by default, is set to delay feature updates, such as build 1809, for 1 year. You would knowingly need to disable this feature to get this update. We will continue to provide updates here as they become available. 

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