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GTAFE VR Training System for Animal Anatomy integrates hardware, composed of a Table-Based VR Device, IR Pen, and 3D Tracking Glasses, self-developed VR training software for a dog’s anatomy, as well as related teaching resources. Taking a dog as a model, the software displays every layer of its ten physiological systems, and offers over two thousand anatomical models and corresponding special anatomical terms and explanatory notes, so as to help improve the teaching and training process. The introduction of VR technology can even enable students to observe regional microscopic movement of the anatomized object in a living state, such as heartbeat and blood circulation, which is hard in physical experiments. As well, it allows reverse operation, allowing students a comprehensive study of the whole and parts, as well as in a dynamic and static state.

Product Features

  • Includes a 3D Touch Control Panel, IR Pen, and 3D Glasses. The user can move the model image out of the screen with the IR Pen, and interact with the image.
  • Complete 3D resources of VR training courses for animal anatomy, including VR course design, electronic lesson plan, teacher handbook, and training / learning guide. GTA can also offer customized services to meet the specific needs of schools.
  • The training system can display animal structure in multiple ways, and offer special anatomical terms and explanatory notes, which give a comprehensive dog animal structure.
  • Compared to unidirectional one-time operation, all virtual anatomical operations have advantages in easy cancellation and repeat ability.
  • This program accurately models the real-world environment, and offers 360-degree observation, while traditional 2D and fake 3D only allow for operation on a computer screen. Users can use the IR Pen to drag a certain model, e.g. an organ, out of the screen, and conduct real 3D observation and interaction. 
  • For the physical anatomy activity, it is hard to clearly observe microscopic structures such as blood capillaries. The system offers easy magnification functions and dynamic pictures to ensure efficient learning.
  • This program involves no live animals and avoids biological pollution, and thus is environmentally friendly.


GTAFE Canine Anatomy is available for download on

User's Guide

GTAFE Canine Anatomy Training System v1.2


  1. Before installing the new version of the application, uninstall any existing versions manually.
  2. Download GTAFE Canine Anatomy from
  3. To run the installation, right-click on downloaded file and select Run as administrator. This will begin the installation. 
  4. If the warning 'Windows protected your PC' appears, click 'More Info' and then 'Run Anyway' to continue your installation. Agree to the terms in the End-User License Agreement, select the installation location, and click Install to complete the installation.
  5. Run the application by double-clicking the desktop icon.


GTAFE Canine Anatomy requires a license (product key) to use. Please contact zSpace Sales ( to purchase a license.


When licensing Canine Anatomy for the first time, be sure to right-click on the shortcut and select Run as administrator. Application first launch will go to the Software License Registration page. Enter your license key (product key) and click activation license. The software license registration does require an active Internet Connection. 


Users cannot deactivate their licenses. Please contact zSpace support to have your license deactivated. We will need the serial number of the zSpace unit. 












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