Earthwalk Charging Cart for zSpace Laptops

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zSpace has made available for purchase 24 and 36 slot lockable charging carts for zSpace laptops. 

zSpace-FC24ACS.jpg zSpace-FC36ACS.jpg
zSpace-FC24ACS zSpace-FC36ACS




  • Stores, charges and secures 24 or 36 zSpace 17” VR Laptops
  • Integrated AC-SMART electrical power management system
  • Internal peripheral storage bins
  • 6” Industrial grade solid rubber wheels with full swivel, total locking casters.
  • Non-skid, easy-clean, anti-static top work surface
  • 270 degree, high-security key plus hasp/loop locking front doors
  • Key-locking rear service access door with recessed power cord storage
  • Ships fully assembled
  • “Adapter pre-wire” service available 


zSpace-FC24ACS - 24 user + storage

  • Work Surface Ht: 107.9 cm / 42.5”
  • Handle Ht: 113.03 cm / 44.5”
  • Width: 69.22 cm / 27.25”
  • Depth: 72.65 cm / 28.6”
  • Weight: Approx.* 81.65 kg / 180 lbs.
  • * Empty weight—actual weight determined by configuration of system

zSpace-FC36ACS - 36 user + storage

  • Work Surface Ht: 107.9 cm / 42.5”
  • Handle Ht: 113.03 cm / 44.5”
  • Width: 101.6 cm / 40"
  • Depth: 72.65 cm / 28.6”
  • Weight: Approx.* 118 kg / 260 lbs.

* Empty weight—actual weight determined by configuration of system

Digital AC-SMART Power Management System

This system can auto-sense the amount of electrical draw required by each device’s AC adapter and safely switch between four “zones” or groups of devices to prevent overloading the electrical circuit. The digital smart switching system will monitor and continue increasing the number of devices that are being simultaneously charged to help shorten the total lab charging cycle.

zSpace Storage Bins (Optional)

Provides additional secure storage for VR glasses, stylus and peripherals. Molded from strong, durable, industrial-grade polymers, zSpace Bins are resistant to acid and alkali spills. Sturdy, one-piece construction is water-, rust- and corrosion-proof. Blue color.


The Earthwalk carts will be delivered inside the customer's building on the ground floor. If required, a lift-gate truck will be provided at no additional charge. Delivery does not include unpacking.

We have an option to for customers to upgrade to "white glove" service that includes unpacking, removal of trash and delivery to any floor as long as an elevator is available.

For purchasing, please contact zSpace Sales at


For assistance in setting up your cart, as assortment of guides and manuals are available at

For any issues related to the cart such as power failures or damage to the cart, please contact Earthwalk directly at Earthwalk Support is going to ask for:

  • SO or PO number for the cart. This was provided on a label on top of the cart when it was shipped.
  • In the case of a return. Is the cart on top of a pallet? If not, they will arrange for the shipper to move it onto a pallet.
  • In the case of visible damage to carts such as shipping damage, pictures may be required. 





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