zSpace 200 EOL Statement

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Product End of Life: zSpace 200

Replacement Product: zSpace 300 or zSpace Laptop

Reason for Replacement: Updated technology available

Effective Date: Immediately (September 18, 2018)


zSpace 200 End of Life Statement

zSpace is committed to providing the highest quality products and services to our customers. As a result, we currently offer the zSpace All-in One (AIO) computer and zSpace Laptop to our new and returning customers. We no longer offer the zSpace 200 for customers to purchase.

As a technology developer and provider, we understand that technology evolution allows our customers to provide the most innovative AR/VR learning experience for their users. At zSpace, we view product End of Life (EOL) as a part of the life cycle that drives new technology and product innovation. All technology products eventually reach the end of their life requiring a business decision to discontinue availability and maintenance. The zSpace 200 has reached a point in its life cycle where components are increasingly difficult to source. As such, we must announce the EOL on the zSpace 200 effective immediately. Newer technology provides more productivity and greater efficiency in the same or similar applications as the zSpace 200. We maintain a continuous new product development schedule that ensures that our users have access to the most innovative technologies. Please contact zSpace at 1-408-498-4050 x2 to discuss how the latest zSpace products can address your organization’s goal to provide users with an interactive AR/VR learning experience.

Support articles for the zSpace 200 have also been removed. For any support requests for zSpace 200, please contact zSpace Support.

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