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zSpace Experiences include experiential-based simulations of Earth, Life, and Physical Science topics allowing students to manipulate content while learning abstract concepts. These include simulations that are experiential in nature. You will be able to observe cause and effect, collect live data, and change conditions in the environment, based on the next generation of science standards. zSpace Experiences are a collection of applications.

The currently available zSpace Experiences:

  • Beach and River Erosion
    • Beach and River Erosion
    • Beach and River Erosion (Sandbox)
  • Changing Energy
  • Energy, Speed, and Collisions
    • Energy, Speed, and Collisions
    • Force, Momentum, and Collisions
    • Exploring Motions and Collisions
  • Experiencing Rain
  • Exploring Anatomy*
  • Exploring Plants
  • Fish Structure
    • Fish Structure and Function 
    • Fish Structure and Function (Sandbox)
  • Freeze and Thaw Cycle
  • Flu Virus
    • Introduction to Flu Virus
    • Introduction to Flu Virus (Sandbox)
    • Human Response to Flu Virus
    • Human Response to Flu Virus (Sandbox)
  • How animals use their senses
  • Motion of Earth's Plates
  • Newton's Cradle
    • Newton's Cradle
    • Newton's Cradle Analytical
    • Newton's Cradle Sandbox
  • Sea and Land Breezes
  • Structure and Function of Desert Organisms
  • What is Energy
  • Solar System
    • Introduction
    • Exploration



zSpace Experiences can be downloaded using zSpace App Manager


Each zSpace Experience varies slightly on usage. Each application has been designed to be intuitive to use. For additional assistance on using zSpace Experiences, please visit http://zspace.com/edu/info/zspace-experiences.

*The experience "Exploring Anatomy" will not show 3D when under a body system "Process" due to the animated nature and to avoid motion sickness.

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