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Discover WAVE NG, the most performant tool to train your students for the welder and boilermaker trades. This tool was developed to teach and test the welder’s professional skills on 3 procedures: MAGTIG and MMA. Thanks to WAVE NG, your trainees will improve the precision of their gesture and their concentration, without risking any injury and minimizing the equipment breakage and wear risks.

More information can be found at https://www.mimbus.com/en/portfolio/wave-ng-en/.


Wave NG can be downloaded from zSpace.com/downloads

User Guide

User guide will be available soon


Wave NG requires a licenses to unlock all features. Upon installing Wave NG for the first time, a 60-day limited use demo license will be installed as part of the installation process.


  1. After downloading Wave NG, double click the file to begin installation.
  2. Select all default options to begin and complete installation.

To Use 60-day Demo

  1. Launch Wave NG
  2. Enter the the pin code, 0000.
  3. Soon as the pin code is entered, Wave NG now can be used in demo mode.

License Wave NG

  1. Launch Wave NG. If you see the following message, click More Info and allow to run.
    • WaveNG1.png
  2. Click the WaveNG2.png Settings icon on the bottom of the screen.
  3. If you see the message, "Demo license valid for x days", you have a current active demo license for the number of days shown remaining.
  4. To enter a new license, click on Renew.
    • WaveNG3.png
  5. Enter your license key, without any spaces, into the black band across the screen. 
    • WaveNG5.png
  6. Once the license key is typed in, click the WaveNG6.png icon on the right side to advance. Wave NG will close and relaunch activating the entered license key.
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