Performing App Manager Updates using Local Repository

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Please note: With the release of App Manager 4.x, This process has changed. Please review the updated instructions. The process does require an Internet connection to download the metadata. 

zSpace is making available an local repository for updating zSpace applications. The repository is ideal for customers who:

  • Have slow Internet connection
  • Have large zSpace labs

This process does require an Internet connection minimally. While all the application files are downloaded locally, the metadata files which tell App Manager what to show, how to show it, and how to install it, are still downloaded. This process still avoids the need to download large amounts of application data.

Warning. This download is in excess of 25 GB. Some locations may have issues downloading files which are this large.


All zSpace downloads can be found at Be sure to select the correct download for your hardware.

Installation instructions

  1. Download the latest local repository. Unzip the folder to your desktop.
  2. Open the unzipped folder and run the zSpace Manager Local Repository shortcut.
  3. You will first be promoted to browse for a folder. Browse to desktop folder unzipped in the previous step to the zSpace-2019 folder.
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  4. Perform all available updates and install any additional applications as outlined here.
  5. You can verify application downloads are being done offline by looking at the application installation progress bar. When the remote read speed is 0 B/s and the local read speed is any value above 0 MB/s, no content is being downloaded.
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  6. After updating and installing all content, close App Manager. 
  7. From the Windows Start Menu, run zSpace App Manager (online version).
  8. Check for any missing updates or installations. 
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