Western Digital hard drive firmware update

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Only download and run this tool if specifically requested to by zSpace support. This utility to designed to function only on a select group of Western Digital hard drives used in zSpace 300 PCs. This will correct the issue of hard drive beeping every 5 minutes. This only affects Western Digital hard drive models WDC WD5000PLX-00ZNTT0.

This applies to only zSpace 300 units where the serial number is under ZW36480000.




Download the above zip file. After downloading, run the included wd7071.exe file. If the hard drive is recognized as model WDC WD5000PLX-00ZNTT0, the utility will run. This utility only takes a few seconds to update the hard drive. Once updated, you will see a "Drive has successfully updated" message and exit after 30 seconds. Do not turn off your computer while this utility is running. 

If you are not using a valid hard drive, the tool will display a "Drive update not applicable message" and exit after 30 seconds.

During the update process, no driver versions or firmware versions of the hard drive are changed. Therefore, running this tool again on a valid hard drive will appear to update the firmware again but no changes will be made.

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