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This article explains the process in which zSpace, Inc performs for setting up zSpace AIO system. Some steps are listed as optional but all steps are recommended. Optional steps are marked with an asterisk(*). The steps are listed as Windows 10 but similar steps can be done for Windows 8.1.

Notes about Windows 10. There are currently three versions of Windows 10 Pro as follows:

  • 1507 - Commonly referred to as "RTM" or Release to Manufacturing July 29th, 1015. This was the first version of Windows 10.
  • 1511 - Released November 2015.
  • 1607 - Named the Anniversary Update released August 2016.
  • 1703 - Named the Creator Update released March 2017
  • 1709 - Name Creators Fall Update released October 2017

To setup a zSpace system from scratch, please perform the following steps.

  1. Install Windows 10 Pro and create an administrator level account called zSpace
  2. Log into the zSpace administrator account and use this account to continue with all the following steps.
  3. Install motherboard drivers for the Broadcom Bluetooth device and Realtek Audio. All drivers can be found here.
  4. Rename the Compter name to something descriptive such as a station name/number. For default, we use zSpace300.
  5. Turn on Defer Updates.
  6. Check and install all other Windows Updates.
  7. Install GPU driver 15.301.2601.1001.
  8. Enable Windows Features .Net Framework 3.5.
    • Right click on Windows Start button and click Programs and Features.
    • Along left column, select Turn Windows features on or off.
    • Check the box, .NET Framework 3.5 (includes .NET 2.0 and 3.0).
    • Click ok. This does require a system restart.
  9. Install zSpace System Software.
  10. Install zSpace App Manager.
  11. Install all applications listed in App Manager. zView is only required on the "Teacher" PC.
  12. Install VLC Media Player 2.2.1. VLC is available online at
    • Add VLC Media Player icon to the taskbar and delete the desktop shortcut.
    • Turn off updates - go into settings - interface and under Privacy / Network Interaction uncheck Activate Updates Notifier
  13. Install Chrome Browser
    1. Add Chrome icon to the taskbar and delete the desktop shortcut
    2. Launch Chrome, when asked if you would like Chrome to be your default Web Browser, select yes.
    3. In Chrome, set the startup page to, enable bookmark toolbar and save the bookmark on the bookmark toolbar to
  14. *Remove the Microsoft Edge icon from the taskbar.
  15. *Remove the Microsoft Store icon from the taskbar.
  16. Install Adobe Acrobat DC 10. Acrobat DC 10 can be downloaded from here.
  17. Delete the desktop icon for Acrobat.
  18. Set defaults for Acrobat, Chrome, and VLC in Windows.
    • Windows Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> Default apps -> Set defaults by app.
    • Click on Adobe Acrobat Reader DC then click the blue 'Set this program as the default' option.
    • Click on Google Chrome and then click the blue 'Set this program as default' option.
    • Click on VLC Media Player and click the blue 'Set this program as default' option.
  19. Install Apple Bonjour. Apple Bonjour can be downloaded by installing Apple Print Services for Windows 2.0.2 from here.
  20. In Windows Firewall, make sure Bonjour Service is allowed in both Private and Public configurations.
  21. Launch zSpace Zone and perform the following. For assistance, please see
    • Hide menu when locked
    • Force full screen when locked
    • Disable tile editing when locked
    • Only run one app at a time
    • Single click to launch tiles
    • zSpace Introduction
    • zSpace Experience
    • Newton's Park
    • Franklin's Lab
    • Studio
    • Curie's Elements
    • Euclid's Shapes
    • Cyber Science 3D
    • Leopoly 3D Designer for zSpace
    • Let's Cook
    • *Aquarium
    • *Missile Defense
    • *Planet Attack
    • *zSpace Tennis
    • In the options menu, check Full-screen mode.
    • In the settings menu, set the following
    • Add all the following start menu shortcuts for the following. Start menu shortcuts can be found at C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\zSpace\.
    • Once shortcuts are added, lock Zone with Ctrl+L.
  22. *Set the Windows desktop theme.
    • Right-click the desktop and select Personalize.
    • Make sure the background type is Picture and then browse to C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\zSpace\ and select zSpace_Desktop_Wallpaper_01 and click Choose Picture button.
    • Make sure Choose a fit is set to 'Fill'.
    • Along the left panel, click on Themes and on the right panel select Theme Settings under Themes.
    • Under My Themes, click Save Theme and name it zSpace.
  23. Disable AutoPlay
    • Click on Windows Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> AutoPlay
    • Under AutoPlay, set Use AutoPlay for all media and devices to off.
    • Under Choose AutoPlay defaults, both Removable drive and Memory card should be set to Take no action.
  24. Turn off system tray Notifications
    • Click on Windows Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> Notifications & actions.
    • Under Quick Actions, click Select which icons appear on the taskbar.
      • Set Always show all icons in the notification tray area to off.
      • Just below that, make sure all other app notifications are also set to off.
      • Backup one level and again under Quick actions, click Turn system icons on or off.
        • Clock, Volume, and Network should be toggled on.
        • Power, Input Indicator, Location and Action Center should be toggled OFF
  25. Set Monitor and PC sleep to never.
    • Click on Windows Start Menu -> Settings -> System -> Power & Sleep.
    • Click on Additional power settings and we recommend changing the power profile to High Performance.
    • Screen turn off should be never.
    • System Sleep should be never.
  26. Disable driver downloads from Windows Update.
    • Right-click the Windows Start menu and select System.
    • Click on Advanced System Settings.
    • Click the Hardware tab.
    • Under Device Installation Settings, click the button Device Installation Settings.
    • Under Do you want automatically download manufacturers app and custom icons available for your devices?, check the box No and click Save Changes.
  27. Associate Touch Screen with zSpace Display (Necessary to ensure multi-monitor environments work correctly.)
    • Right-click Windows start menu and click Control Panel.
    • Click Hardware and Sound.
    • Click Tablet PC Settings.
    • Under Configure your pen and touch displays, click setup.
    • Touch the zSpace Display to identify the zSpace AIO screens as the touch screen.
    • Click Ok to close.
  28. Turn off all additional wifi connections.
    • Click on the hidden icons on the bottom right side of the taskbar and click on the networking icon.
    • Click Network Settings.
    • On the right side panel, click Manage Wi-Fi settings.
    • Set all sliders to the off positions.
    • *You may also "forget" all known networks. This should only be done if you are setting the PC up on a network which should not be used by additional users.
  29. Move Cyber Science session files and Leopoly templates to the correct path. This only needs to be done on older systems. The current installation locations are correct.
    • If Cyber Science Sessions does not exist, copy it to here from C:\Users\zSpace\Documents\.
    • If My Objects or Templates folders do not exist, copy those from C:\Users\zSpace\Documents\.
    • In File Explorer, browse to C:\Users\Public\Documents\.
  30. *Create the folder at C:\zSpace_Installers, place the DesignMate and Visible Body installers in this folder.
  31. Download TeamViewer zSpace Client from\gethelp and place it at C:\zSpace\. This is used for zSpace support to provide remote support when requested.


At this point, this zSpace should be set up very near to how zSpace ships a new system. If you create additional user accounts on the PC, many of these custom settings will need to be done again. The zSpace actually ships with a "zSpace" administrator account and a "Student" standard user account.

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