Does the zSpace AIO have speakers?

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The zSpace AIO does not come with built-in speakers. zSpace AIO has a 3.5mm audio input/output port on the right side of the unit, just below the USB ports that, will support external speakers or mono/stereo headphones with or without a microphone.

Please ensure that the jack is fully seated if you have any difficulty with sound using headphones as most headphones have a three part connector that must align correctly or you will not hear sound. If you are not hearing sound, please pull out the connector and reconnect, making sure to push all of the way in.

If you are still not hearing sound, please check to volume control on the task bar, shown as a speaker icon, to make sure you are not muted and that the volume is up enough to hear.

If you require further assistance, please contact zSpace Customer Support.

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    Joe Bustillos

    Our workstations are set up to work with two students at a time. The biggest problem has been audio support. We've used 3.5mm y-splitters but there is so much tension on the connector that they tend to quickly bend and eventually become dysfunctional. I've tried to fasten them with cable ties but students pulling on their headphones tends to overcome even that. I might suggest in future version that zSpace have two audio ports built in to service this configuration. This is a very real problem with using our zSpace workstations to their fullest potential.

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    Scott Whitacre

    Hello Joe,

    Thank you for the feedback. How is it different with the y-splitter than having the headphones plugged directly into the zSpace? I would think without the y-splitter, the students pulling on the headphones is going to just bend the headphone connector like the y-splitter? Can you explain why this is not happening a bit? I will put in the enhancement request for you but I just want to make sure I have as much information as possible.

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