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zSpace Configuration Check is a simple tool which can be run without installation on a PC. It will scan your computer checking to see your PC is up to date by checking your application versions, hardware driver versions, and verifying important URLs are accessible. Optionally, a user may select to include zSpace logs.

Once the information is gathered, the user may select to save a file to the computer or have this file automatically uploaded to zSpace, Inc. for analysis.

zSpace Configuration Check is designed to work with zSpace 300 model. While it will run on other PC models and zSpace models, you may see "warning" or "fail" messages for some items such as GPU type.


Configuration Check is now now available at https://zSpace.com/downloads

How is this used?

Using Configuration Check allows a user to run a single application instead of checking multiple other sources to make sure their zSpace hardware and zSpace related applications are up to date. Commonly, zSpace Support or zSpace PD trainers may request Configuration Check to be run ahead of a scheduled training session.


Simply download and run the file as is. For portability, it can be run easily from USB thumb drive. When the application runs, the zSpace information will be collected and displayed. An active Internet connection is required. Upon running the application, the first screen allows the user will select which options to run.


  • Upload to zSpace (default) - Selecting this option will run Configuration Check. After running the final file will be uploaded to zSpace.
  • Save to PC - Selecting this option will run Configuration Check. After running, the user will be prompted with an option to save the final log file.
  • Do Not Save - View Only - Selecting this option will run Configuration Check and not save any files. The user will still have an option to save or upload at a later time.

Additional option:

  • Check box Include Logs with Configuration Check - Now zSpace Profiler is integrated with Configuration Check. This takes all the zSpace logs, including zSpace application logs, zSpace System Software logs, and zSpace EDU Server logs, and zips all these logs together with the Configuration Check logs. Only select this option is requested to be zSpace Support.

Upon selecting submit, the Configuration Check report will be run and shown as in the below image.


Anything which is green is expected and considered a pass. Anything in yellow, such as an application not installed or license file missing, is yellow. Anything which is red is considered a failure. An application being out of date or incorrect driver versions would be the common reasons for a failure.

If the option was selected to include logging, you will see another screen which collects more detailed hardware information.


What information is collected?

STEM Applications

Each zSpace STEM application is checked to see if it is installed and the version which is installed. When applicable, licenses are also checked.


Information about the zSpace is collected including zSpace model and serial number. Other PC information such as model number and bios version used by your PC. Finally, power management, basic GPU information, and webcam model are reported.

zSpace Utilities

zSpace Utilities include and non-STEM software titles. For applications which run as a Windows service, the status of the service is checked.

Partner Applications

zSpace Inc. closest partner applications are also checked similar how STEM Applications are also checked.

Required URLs

zSpace required URLs are checked to see if they are accessible from the zSpace.

Advanced Logging additionally collects the following:

  • CPU
  • System RAM
  • OS version
  • Video card and related information (RAM, type, driver version)
  • zSpace hardware connected to PC
  • zSpace installed applications
  • zSpace firmware versions
  • zSpace dependent Windows services
  • Manufacture date and serial number from zSpace
  • zSpace licenses activation status

Release Notes

Version 2.0.3

  • Added support for new Studio model packs
  • New Configuration Check icon


  • Improvements
    • Changed GPU to give pass or warning message, but never a fail message.
    • When running Profiler (adv logging), how the files are zipped together has been completely rewritten. All files are first copied to Windows %Temp% folder and from there all files are zipped together as a group instead of individual zips.
  • Bug fixes
    • Fixed issue where in certain conditions files in use could not be zipped.
    • Fixed issue where in some cases selecting save with advanced logging on would only save the html log.
    • removed a case where the Windows registry was being opened for write access when only read access is needed.


  • Improvements
    • zSpace System Profiler has now been combined with zSpace Configuration Check.
      • System Profiler collection is now run in a Windows form instead of a Windows command line prompt. This makes for cleaner output.
      • Configuration Check log is also added to the final zip.
    • An initial splash screen is shown which will allow a user to select how the final file will be saved (upload, save locally, or not saved). A checkbox option is available which will run the prior zSpace System Profiler tool.
    • Small change to how the PC system time is displayed. This will allow for more accurate results.
    • If a newer version of the application is available, you will be prompted with a message.

Version - Initial release

  • Known issues and limitations
    • If Defer Updates on your zSpace is set by the global group policy, this result in Configuration Check may not be correct.
    • Visible Body may incorrectly show as not installed.
    • Power management checks - A value of "-1" means the setting is not set to "never" but the setting could not be read. Since it is recommended to always set PC sleep time and PC monitor sleep time to "never", a proper "fail" message is still displayed.
    • Some models of laptops without webcams are causing Configuration Check to exit without displaying results. This issue is still under investigation.
    • Internet connection is required to check for the most up to date versions of applications.




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