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Virtual ECG is a third-party application developed by Vizitech USA. Vizitech USA produced a transformational product known as the Virtual ECG (VECG). It leverages a rare convergence of medical knowledge and advanced visualization to bring clear insight into the education and science of 12-lead electrocardiography (ECG). Vizitech USA has successfully produced training and simulations programs for numerous government, military, and private industries. 


Please see for all application downloads. 

Be sure to check for updates after installing by following the directions below.

Installation Instructions

  1. Download the above file
  2. Run the installer. You will need to select accept to accept the license agreement. In all other cases, select the default options.
  3. After installation is complete, double-click the desktop icon to launch ECG.
  4. Enter your license key and select activate.
  5. If you run into any issues entering the license key, make sure the key is correct. Also, verify you have typed in the key correctly. If you used the copy/paste function to enter the key, make sure you did not copy in any leading or trailing spaces.

Check for updates

  1. Launch ECG
  2. On the initial splash screen, select Check for Update.

Release Notes

Current release notes for Vizitech ECG can be found here.

Complete archive release notes can be found here.


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