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Human Anatomy Atlas by Visible Body is an award-winning human anatomy general reference. The application is a revolutionary 3D visualization and learning tool used to explore the systems of the human body. It contains more than 4,600 anatomical structures, including all major organs and systems of the male and female bodies. This application is used by healthcare professionals, patients, students, and all others interested in detailed visualization of human anatomy.

Download and Licensing

There are three installer types available for Human Anatomy. Please be sure to download the correct installer type for your license.

Note: When launching Human Anatomy Atlas for the first time, the Activation Window asks you to enter the Serial Number. This is another term for the License Key. Enter the License Key in this box.

How can you identify what type of license you have?

Your sales order and the zSpace License Portal will state which license type you have. Depending on your license type, you need this to download the correct installer type.

  • Annual - This is the most common type. Use this version if you have an annual license or a multi-year license. This version is now available from within the zSpace App Manager.
  • Perpetual - Use this if your license has no expiration type. If your licenses has any type of expiration date, you use one of the other two types.
  • Internal/sales/demo - This is used by zSpace partners and internal sales team only. The expiration on this license is always January 15th.

Visible Body Perpetual and Internal/Partner downloads are now available at

Note: If you are adding your zSpace to a network domain, it is recommended to first connect your systems to the domain network and log in using a domain account, before licensing Human Anatomy Atlas.
Note: If your license is not working, you likely are using the wrong installer type. Using the wrong license may invalidate your license. For assisting in identifying your installed version, please see this article.

Download Archive

Below is a download archive. For most recent versions of Human Anatomy Atlas, please visit

How to License Human Anatomy

Simply launch Human Anatomy and enter the license key (serial number) and any valid email address. You can optionally select the option to receive product updates.

Renewal License or view expiration date of current license

At anytime a license can be extended in Human Anatomy. Adding an additional license will extend the current activation. For example, if your current license has 39 days left and you enter a new 1 year license, your current activation will extend to 404 days (39 + 365 days).

  1. While holding down the shift key on the keyboard, click on the Human Anatomy desktop icon or any other short cut to launch Human Anatomy. Shortly you will see a screen similar to below.HAA-License.jpg
  2. This screen shows the expiration date of your current license.
  3. Click on Activate.
  4. Enter the new license key.

Checking your version

To check the version of Human Anatomy you currently have installed, please see this article.

Installation Instructions

Human Anatomy Atlas install guide - This guide was written using version 7.4.18 of Human Anatomy but it is still applicable to current releases. Be sure download the correct installer type for Human Anatomy license.

Visible Body Courseware

zSpace now offers Visible Body Courseware as a supplemental offering to our Human Anatomy Atlas for zSpace.  Customers can purchase this supplemental courseware from zSpace.  It is important to note that support for Courseware is provided directly by Visible Body and support can be obtained by going to


I do not know my serial number

Human Anatomy in application refers to serial number as license key. Where it asks for your serial number, enter the license key provided in the zSpace License Portal.

My license key is not working

Did you install the correct installer type? If you did not and entered your license key into the wrong installer type, please contact zSpace Support to have your license reset.

Release notes



  • New Library feature!
    • Favorite views and Notecards are now in the new Library menu where they can be organized into folders.
  • Enhanced functions for content in the Library menu
    • Rename, edit, and move Favorites
    • Rename and edit Notecards
  • New Import and Export feature
    • Move Favorites, Notecards, or entire folders among zSpace computers

Version 7.4.22

  • Tool tips added for icons on system bar
  • Licensing improvements
  • Localization bug fixes
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