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Curie's Elements provides a periodic table for exploration with Bohr and atomic models of each element. The atom builder allows students to add protons, neutrons, and electrons to build elements. Included with Curie's Elements are learning activities to introduce atomic structure and groups and trends of the periodic table.


For a complete description of all activities, including support materials and standards, refer to


zSpace Curie's Elements is now available via the zSpace App Manager.

Please contact your zSpace Authorized Reseller or sales representative to purchase license.

Release Notes


  • Product fixes including:
    • Fixed ability to resave an already submitted activity (progress) to an Edu Server causing that submission to temporarily disappear from the Teacher Dashboard.
    • Fixed images in PDFs sometimes being too blurry.
    • Fixed username and password criteria mismatched between in-application and at Teacher Dashboard.
    • Question #8 should ask student to take a photo in Activity "Don't be so Electronegative".
  • Improvements:
    • Video & audio recording capability added.
    • It is now possible to search and launch activities from the main menu.
    • Activity Menu now easier to navigate, including support for arrow keys.
    • User interface buttons, checkmarks, etc. now easier to activate when using the stylus.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for common functions.
    • Users may now choose languages other than English, at the Settings Window in-application.
    • Improvements to loading times when using Chinese Additional folder shortcuts added to file browser.
    • It is now possible to use links-to-launch URLs with user-created activities.
    • Simplified language describing server connections.
    • Transition between Atom Builder and Periodic Table now more seamless.
    • Better support for mouse input.
    • Context menu available and drag-drop behavior improved.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for application-specific functions.
  • Known issues and limitations
    • When searching for activities, you cannot use search characters such as '&'.

Winter 2016 Content update

  • 15 new activities have been added

Version 1.0.0

All zSpace learning applications have the following new features.

  • Importing activities are no longer required! Simply double-click a zSpace activity file and the application launches the activity.
  • zSpace activities can be saved to disk and opened from disk.
  • Help Screen is now available through the Home control bar.
  • Activity search improvements – search by category, activity, or keyword.
  • Background sound now stops when Text to Speech is playing.

Known Issues:

  • Curie's Elements does not connect to the zSpace EDUserver and student answers are not available in AnswerWeb.  Students are able to save a PDF of their activity answers as a record of their work.


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