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Euclid's Shapes offers learning activities with math manipulatives and provides access to manipulatives for teachers to guide math learning. Engage with Base 10 blocks, Rainbow Cubes (which can also be snap cubes), Square Tiles, Pattern Blocks and Fraction Bars in zSpace today! 


zSpace Euclid's Shapes is now available via the zSpace App Manager.

Please contact your zSpace Authorized Reseller or sales representative to purchase a license.

Complete list of included Activities

For a complete description of all activities, including support materials and standards, refer to

Release Notes


  • Known Issues
    • Cannot search for some types of character such as &
  • Numerous bug fixes including:
    • Fixed ability to re-save an already submitted activity (progress) to an Edu Server causing that submission to temporarily disappear from the Teacher Dashboard.
    • Fixed images in PDFs sometimes being too blurry.
    • Fixed username and password criteria mismatched between in-application and at Teacher Dashboard.
  • Improvements:
    • Video & audio recording capability added.
    • It is now possible to search and launch activities from the main menu.
    • Activity Menu now easier to navigate, including support for arrow keys.
    • User interface buttons, checkmarks, etc. now easier to activate when using the stylus.
    • Multiple-choice and true-false question types now available when authoring activities.
    • Immediate feedback option available for multiple-choice and true-false questions.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for common functions.
    • Users may now choose languages other than English, at the Settings Window in-application.
    • Users may now choose between small, medium, and large font sizes.
    • Improvements to loading times when using Chinese locale.
    • Additional folder shortcuts added to file browser.
    • It is now possible to use links-to-launch URLs with user-created activities.
    • Simplified language describing server connections.
    • Keyboard shortcuts added for application-specific functions.
    • Help screen added.
    • Grid is now simplified, either on/off, and automatically chooses appropriate sizing.
    • Shape selection state now more visually obvious.
    • Shapes and workspace now slightly enlarged.

Fall and Winter content updates

  • 10 new activities
  • 5 activities updated
  • Removed activity: Building Stairs and Tiling Pools: Functions based on Geometric Patterns

Version 1.0.0

All zSpace learning applications have the following new features.

  • Importing activities are no longer required! Simply double-click a zSpace activity file and the application launches the activity.
  • zSpace activities can be saved to disk and opened from disk.
  • Guest users can now submit answers when connected to EDU Server, no user accounts are required to submit answers.
  • Help Screen is now available through the Home control bar.
  • Activity search improvements – search by category, activity, or keyword.
  • Background sound now stops when Text to Speech is playing.



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