Leopoly cannot launch in Zone

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For systems which are updated to the latest version of Leopoly v2.5.0, Leopoly fails to launch in Zone when selecting the existing Tile or when adding a new tile in Zone.  Leopoly errors out with an error stating:  

Windows cannot find 'C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\zSpace\Leopoly 3D Designer for zSpace.lnk'

Error message when launching Leopoly

Launching Leopoly using the Desktop shortcut functions properly.  

Until this issue is resolved, zSpace recommends launching Leopoly through the Desktop shortcut and not use Zone.  If using Zone is a requirement in your environment, you can perform the following steps to correct the issue or contact zSpace Customer Support to assist you. 

  1. Launch Zone.
  2. Unlock Zone
  3. From the File Menu, select Add Applications
  4. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\zSpace
  5. Right-click on the Leopoly 3D Designer for zSpace.lnk and select Properties
  6. In Properties, edit the Target Path to remove the (x86) after "Program Files" so that it reads C:\Program Files\
  7. Then select the "Advanced" button and select the Run as Administrator Box.  Select OK.
  8. Click Apply.  It will prompt you with a warning.  Go ahead and select OK.
  9. Select the "Advanced" button again and deselect the Run as Administrator.  Select OK.  
  10. Select Apply again and then Select OK.   
  11. This will add a new Leopoly Tile in Zone.  
  12. In Zone, under the Options Menu select Edit Tiles.  Select the new Leopoly Tile you just created and delete the Tile.
  13. Go back to Options Menu and select Edit Tiles to stop the edit.  Lock Zone.   
  14. The original Leopoly Tile should now be functional.
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