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All the applications available from App Manager combined are over 25GB of data of total data. Much of this is the Studio model packs. In some cases, such as selecting only the Studio Activity Pack, will download and install all of the Studio Model packs without prompting the user. This will appear to be taking a significantly large amount of time to install a single item when in reality, Studio, Studio Activity Pack, and all 15 model packs are downloading. 

Once all the selected items are downloaded they will begin installing. Some packages have dependencies which must be installed before other packages are installed. If this happens you will see a prompt "This package has dependencies which need to be installed before this package can be installed". After you click ok on this message, it will not prompt again unless you close and relaunch App Manager. You can use this feature to install all downloads with minimal required interaction with the zSpace.

This package has dependencies that need to be installed

Recommended order for installing content from App Manager:

  1. Update App Manager following the instructions here.
  2. Launch App Manager.
  3. Scroll down the list looking for Curie's Elements*. Click on the install button.
  4. While Curie's Elements is downloading and installing, click on Curie's Elements STEM Content.
  5. At the top of App Manager select "Update All".
  6. Scroll to the bottom of the list of apps and look for apps which are not already installed. Click on Install for any applications which need to be installed.
  7. After a short bit, you should see the above message. Click ok on the message.
  8. At this point, you can walk away from the computer and App Manager will continue to install all selected items without requiring any user interaction.

*The point of doing this step is to cause the prompt requiring user interaction to happen quickly. You must perform this step with an app which is not currently installed such as Curie's Elements or Elucid's Shapes. If you do these steps using Studio it could take a very long time before the prompt is shown.


Things that can be done to improve time:

  • Download the offline repository. If you have many computers which need updates, you may also download an offline version of the repository from here.
  • Only update or install the needed applications. If you have not purchased a license for Cyber Science there is no point in updating the application. This is true for all of the other applications. Some applications, such as zSpace Introduction, are larger files and are not needed. Consider not installing some of the optional applications. 
  • Perform updates after hours. Consider starting the updates at the end of business day and allowing the updates to run overnight. Internet speeds have a tendency to be higher at off-peak hours.
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