Migrating to Windows 10

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If you plan to upgrade to Windows 10 please make sure to read this article.

Currently, shipping zSpace applications are compatible with Windows 10 with the most recent updates.

The zSpace 100 is not supported on Windows 10.  Therefore, zSpace does not recommend migrating systems that are connected to a zSpace 100.  

zSpace 300 

zSpace provides a Windows 10 Migration Guide for the zSpace 300.  Please review the guide prior to performing the upgrade to ensure you have all the necessary files and steps.

zSpace STEM Student and Teacher PCs

zSpace STEM Teacher and Student PCs can be upgraded to Windows 10.  Currently there is no Migration Guide specific to this activity, however, you can use the same basic steps.

For STEM Teacher PCs, you can use the same steps as the migration guide as well as the re-install of the AMD GPU driver.

For STEM Student PCs, you can also use the same steps as the migration guide, but you may need to reinstall the driver specific to STEM Student stations.  

GPU Drivers can be found by going to this article, zSpace recommended hardware and GPU drivers.   

Known Issues

zSpace 300 and STEM Teacher Stations

zSpace identified an issue with zSpace 300 and STEM Teacher PCs on Windows 10 that if the system sleeps, it could potentially cause the GPU driver to become corrupted, requiring you to reinstall the driver.  To avoid this, zSpace recommends setting the sleep options to never.  To do this, follow the below instructions:

  1. Right-click the Windows Start Menu.  Select Power Options
  2. Whatever power plan is selected, click on "Change Plan Settings"
  3. Set the "Put the computer to sleep" to Never
  4. Click Save Changes

Upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 on STEM Teacher and Student Stations 

zSpace identified an issue where migrating from Windows 7 to Windows 10 causes the licenses to be lost and the applications to prompt to re-enter the licenses.  This only occurs on zSpace STEM apps:  Franklin's Lab, Newton's Park, and Studio.  To avoid any issues, zSpace recommends deactivating the licenses prior to migrating, especially on larger installs.  You can learn about how to deactivate your license by reviewing the article, zSpace License Manager.

zSpace will continue to post updates to this article if we identify any other issues or updates.  Please contact us at support@zspace.com if you have any questions.


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