Newton's Park cannot create a PDF of My Answers

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There are situations where a menu or dialog box in Newton's Park can be obscured by the workspace floor. This can happen in different areas and on different screens, but is most common on dialog boxes that extend to the lower portion of the screen.

The image below shows an example where an activity has been completed, the option to Create a PDF of My Answers was selected and it appears the option to actually save the PDF is missing.

From this image, you can see both the Save and Cancel seem to be missing and it appears there is no way to continue.

In this next image, you can now see both the Save and Cancel options because I have slightly tilted the arena floor to reveal the rest of the save dialog box. I did this using the stylus to grab an edge arrow on the floor, then tilting downward to allow full view of the dialog box.

Please contact Customer Support with any additional questions.

This issue is resolved by updating to Newton's Park version 3.0.X

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