EDU Server at a central location

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EDU Server was designed to run in a lab environment. Some have requested information on running a single server for multiple labs or having an EDU Server at a central location.

EDU Server does use Apple Bonjour to auto-detect the existence of EDU Servers within the same subnet. If you try to connect to EDU Servers outside your subnet you might get messages stating the IP address of the server could not be found. You can also connect to an EDU Server manually. If you attempt to connect to a server outside your network subnet mask you will get a message stating the IP you are attempting to connect to is not allowed.

You can still make the connection under certain conditions.

  1. The subnet mask of the PC hosting the EDU Server must be open enough to allow the student PC to connect.
  2. The subnet mask of your network must be open enough to allow the students to see the EDU Server
  3. For further details please contact zSpace Support



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    Michael Kane

    zSpace EDU Server requires TCP Port 4000 unblocked for Inbound connections.