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VIVED Science (formally Cyber Science 3D) contains models which may be considered not appropriate for certain viewers. For this reason, VIVED Science, when installed using zSpace App Manager, hides certain models by default. This can be enabled or disabled as needed.

*With the current release of VIVED Science, this process does not work. A workaround will be posted very soon. A final fix will be posted with the next next release of VIVIED Science.

Option 1

This option is only available to users who have installed Cyber Science 3D using zSpace App Manager.

  1. Click the Windows Start button and select File Explorer.
    • Windows 10 file browser
  2. Browse to C:\zSpace\SetupTools\.
  3. At this location, you should have a file named SetupCyberScienceK-5.bat and SetupCyberScienceForHigherEd.bat. If you do not have these files, you must use Option 2 below.
  4. To turn Grade Appropriate on, hiding some models, right click on SetupCyberScienceForK-5.bat and select Run as Administrator.
    • Grade appropriate on
  5. To turn Grade Appropriate off, showing all models, right click on SetupCyberScienceForHigherEd.bat and select Run as Administrator.

Option 2

If you do not have the files mentioned in option 1 above, please follow the below steps to manually set Grade Appropriate to On or Off.

  1. In Windows Explorer browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\zSpace\Cyber Science 3D\Cyber Science 3D_Data\Streaming Assets\
  2. In this folder, you may see one or both the following files:
    • GradeAppropriate_On
    • GradeAppropriate_Off
  3. If the GradeAppropriate_On exists, regardless if GradeAppropriate_Off does or does not exist in this folder, some Grade Appropriate models will be hidden.
  4. To hide the models, rename the file GradeAppropriate_Off to GradeAppropriate_On/ 
  5. To expose the models, rename GradeAppropriate_On to GradeAppropriate_Off.


*When updating or installing Cyber Science 3D, GradeAppropriate_On will always be created if it does not exist. After each update or new install of Cyber Science 3D to view all models you will need to rename GradeAppropriate_On again.

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