EDU Server and Teacher Dashboard descriptions

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zSpace Education Server (or EDU Server)

The zSpace EDU Server is most commonly run from a designated teacher PC. It should not require any direct interaction between teachers or students. The server is accessed while using zSpace STEM applications or zSpace AnswerWeb.

Running the zSpace EDU Server installer installs two applications made to work in conjunction with each other. The first and core part is the EDU Server and the second part is the AnswerWeb.

zSpace STEM applications were developed to work in a classroom setting allowing students to run selected activities. The EDU Server is a storage system for these activities. Users can load an activity from the EDU Server and save their progress back onto the EDU Server as they complete the activity. Upon completely the activity the student can submit their completed activity to their teacher.

After users have submitted their results the teacher can log into the AnswerWeb to view completed work.

Teacher Dashboard (formally AnswerWeb)

Teacher Dashboard, commonly referred to as the Teacher Website, is a browser-based application that provides access to student answers and account management tools, including account creation, account type, and password management.

When students complete zSpace STEM activities, they can submit their answers. Use AnswerWeb to view, export and print the students’ answers. The Teacher Dashboard is commonly referred to as the Teacher Website.

Offline Mode

zSpace STEM applications are able to run in an offline mode. In this case, the EDU Server is not being used. All information is being stored locally to the PC. During offline mode, the Teacher Dashboard cannot be used to review the student material or manage the accounts.

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